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Aragonesas Aragus Crianza



Aragonesas Aragus Crianza

Tempranillo, Garnacha

Campo de Borja, Spain

Alc. 14 %

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Campo de Borja is an outstanding region in which to produce one of Spain's most iconic grape varietals. The region's hot days and cool nights, aka diurnal temperature, allow the Tempranillo to ripen in the heat and rest in the evenings. Located in northwestern Spain, near Zaragoza, the region experiences a continental climate, which means they have hot summers, cold winters, and little rainfall (about 400 mm per year), think Canadian prairies, with scorching summers and blistering winters.

Many 'old world' wine producing regions have records of winemaking dating back centuries, with production often tied to the church or monks. There are references of vineyards in the Borja region that date back to 1203, and at that time, the agricultural output was largely managed by the Veruela monks. You can still visit the Royal Monastery of Santa María de Veruela in western Zaragoza, located at the base of the Moncayo Mountain.

p>Bodegas Aragonesas is one of our top-rated producers, offering exemplary wines from Campo de Borja. We featured a Bodegas Crianza last year that was loved by members, so we brought in another! We hope you love this wine as much as we do, it is brand new to market and available in quite limited quantities. Drinking fabulously today, we suggest enjoying by 2020 at 18 C.


Dark ruby with beginning signs of ageing. The red starts to show a bit of brick, brown or mahogany.


Vanilla aromas take over and linger, and we aren't mad about it! The vanilla notes are partnered with ripe, red berries; we think of fuzzy raspberry, cherry and red plums. A confectioned red fruit note is present as well, like Swedish Berry candies. There is a sweet spice of pink peppercorns and fennel seed. Underlying notes of new leather and smoke make this wine a bit more 'extra'.


Again we are blessed by vanilla soaked red berries, resting on a medium weighted body with a sturdy backbone. Velvety tannins that feel slightly cottony and drying, with moderate acidity. The base of raspberry, plum and bing cherry carry throughout the palate and linger lightly with the barrel notes of ash, smoke and wet cedar.


This wine epitomizes the best of (affordable) Spain, so prepare a Spanish charcuterie board of roasted tomatoes and peppers, almonds, Manchego, Serrano and Iberico ham, mild chorizo and quince paste.

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