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Colterenzio St Magdalener




Colterenzio St Magdalener


Alto Adige, Italy

Alc. 12.5 %

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Colterenzio is a cooperative, founded in 1960 by 28 growers. Today, Colterenzio has become the largest cooperative producer in Alto Adige. There are over 350 growers that manage 400 hectares of vineyards, which are held to strict sustainable practices. The winery is operated with renewable solar energy and all efforts are made to ensure the operations are in harmony with the land. In contrast to cooperatives whose goal is to produce large volume, Colterenzio compensates growers based on acreage and not per tonne of fruit. This gives a powerful motivation for each grower to produce the highest quality grapes, as opposed to the largest harvest.

Colterenzio is located in the village of Cornaiano, in the most northern region of Italy, Alto Adige. The vineyards in Alto Adige are grown on hills produced by glaciers during the Ice Age, creating micro-climates and many different soil compositions. St. Magdalener and Bolzano are where the grapes are grown, on quartz-porphyry, sand and clay soils. Quartz is usually found with other soils and combined with porphyry, creating granite. Porphyry is an igneous soil (formed from lava or magma) that has a high PH, which increases the acidity in the wines. Who knew that while learning about wine, you basically become a geology expert! Enjoy by 2020 at 17 C.


Balancing freshness, spice and richness. The fruit reminds us of mulled berries seasoned with orange zest and a cinnamon stick. Schiava (aka Vernatsch, aka Trollinger) makes up 95% of the blend and typically produces strong aromas of cherry, currants, raspberries, strawberries (which we note the most here) and floral notes of violet.


Have you ever enjoyed peppered and grilled strawberries? If not, you should, or you can just try this wine! Spice, sweet fruits and a bit of smoke or a grilled aroma. The palate has a great, velvety mouthfeel with light, sandy tannins adding a gritty texture. Medium acidity keeps the ripe, red berries fresh. Schiava can produce wine in a range of styles, here it shows as more full-bodied, whereas in other regions it can be softer or spicier. Try replacing your Cali Pinot with this alternative.


The winery suggests a charcuterie pairing, 'especially South Tyrolean “speck"'. Made in Tyrol since the 13th century, speck is a juniper flavoured ham that is cured and smoked. Want to try making your own Tyrolean speck - check out this video tutorial.

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