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Goru El Blanco

Moscatel, Chardonnay


13.5 Alcohol


The region of Jumilla is located within Murcia, a lesser known wine region that is located in southeastern Spain. Jumilla exhibits a continental climate, with extreme conditions in both the winter and summer months. The region is similar to that of its western neighbour, La Mancha, with desert-like conditions and very little rainfall. The 3,000 hours of sunlight per year creates harsh conditions for the vines but results in high flavour concentration and full-bodied wines. The best vines, planted on the central plateau between 400-800 m, receive a necessary break from the daytime heat with cooler evenings. Ego Bodegas is a small, modern, boutique winery. On just 25 hectares, they grow several varietals, from Syrah to Tempranillo, but their main focus is on Monastrell, which is synonymous with the Jumilla wine region. Although the winery is young, producing for just over a decade, the vines range in age, many averaging over 50 years. The wines are created upon three main principles that they wish to impart: Ego, Talento and Infinito, honouring the concept of self, the capacity for performance or execution in an occupation, and the limitless power of the dream. Serve at 8 - 10 C and enjoy now or by 2020.

How it looks

Light, with bright sunshine yellow hues and a pale, watery rim.

How it smells

Very aromatic right out of the bottle with a variety of fresh florals and fruit blossoms, like sweet white apple blossoms, honeysuckle, even some peppery lilies. We find orange zest, tangerines, a tropical fruit salad of melon and papaya. A very exotic and intoxicating nose.

How it tastes

With Moscatel taking the centre stage on the nose, the benefits of Chardonnay shine on the palate. The richer body gives a base to the tropical and floral flavours, providing an anchor of satiny texture and fleshy white stone fruit. We find pineapple, tangerine and honeysuckle, accompanied by a light limestone minerality. There is good acidity that cleanses the palate, and a full finish of green melons and lime zest.

Recommended food pairing

White pizza with roast chicken, garlic, olive oil, parmesan and provolone cheese. This wine is great with white fish, turkey, chicken or paella, but we think a pizza is perfect!

2017Goru El Blanco

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