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Sound Brewery Dubbel Entendre

Abbey Dubbel

Poulsbo, Washington

35 SRM
750 mL
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In the mosaic of Washington’s small-batch brewery scene, Sound Brewing delivers simple, elegant and flavourful beer selections. The Dubbel is produced in the style of Belgium “abbey” beers, relying on the techniques that monastic producers used over the past few centuries. Sound Brewing aimed for a beer that was warm, level headed and with a flavour profile that started out simple but delivered so much more. The Dubbel Entendre is made with a specific blend of aromatic malts hinting at chocolate and toffee but cut with enough fruit tones to keep it from feeling thick on the palate. Dubbels are malty and spicy with limited bitterness and the Entendre nails it. No bitterness and the malt combination results in a smooth beer that releases the lighter and sparkling tones of the fruit as a surprise. Serve at 8 - 12 C and can stand some time in the cellar.

How it looks

Pours dark with very little off-white head. Colouring isn’t murky – just a beautiful hearty Dubbel waiting for a taste.

How it smells

A hint of rich bread; stronger notes of dried fruit and banana, mixed with apple cider; chocolate malt and toffee as mentioned by the brewer and their spicy finish. The scent is rich and suggestive, while solid and comforting.

How it tastes

The malt puts its foot forward before all other flavours, laying down a base of warmth and richness. A touch of sour and spicy zest tickles the nose and throws some action across the palate. The stone fruit flavours are subtle, arriving at the back half of the mouthful and some after the swallow. An aroma lingers and deliciously moves up and out the nose, making the taste experience last and engage everything.

Recommended food pairing

A hearty stew could hardly steer you wrong, but if you prefer a freshly roasted option get your hands on a bone-in ham. Thick slices with sautéd vegetables and you’re set.

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Sound Brewery Dubbel Entendre

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