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Four Star Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir

California, United States

Alc. 13.9 %

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New Vintage! This wine was previously featured in May 2017 packages but is back by popular demand!

One of the seven noble grapes, Pinot Noir is also known to winemakers as the "heartbreak grape". This is because the vines and grapes can be extremely difficult to grow and ripen. They grapes are susceptible to various disease, and difficult to ripen evenly. There is no other varietal that is so fussy, lovely and versatile all at the same time. Pinot Noir can be luxurious, velvety with a lovely earthy undertone or can be bold and fruit forward. Don't forget brilliant sparkling wines and rosè!

Pinot Noir is planted around the world, but without question, Pinot Noir's 'home' is France, specifically Burgundy and Champagne. We are seeing some new expressions from South America as well as Canada, but we all know and love those California Pinots.This bright and fresh Pinot Noir by Four Star Winery in California is a lovely hybrid of styles. It shows all that fun fruitiness, but the palate is light and refreshing. This is a quintessential summer wine. Enjoy now and serve chilled, 12-14C.


Bright, wild strawberry colour, clean with a clear rim.


Fresh raspberry, cherry, with a little clove (maybe nutmeg?). Rhubarb-strawberry punch and pink peppercorns. There is a vanilla undertone, but definitely fresh and fruity aromas dominate. Pretty floral, think cherry blossom, are present, but not aggressive.


Based on the nose, this is exactly what we expected. Tart cherry, fresh strawberry jam, and cranberry-raspberry notes. The tannins are present, but not overwhelming and the acidity is bright. Little sweet spice notes hit on the mid-palate. Fun notes of herbal tea and toasted almond flavours round out the finish. This is a lighter bodied style, but all of that traditional California flavour is there.


Planked salmon with fresh arugula salad, roasted chicken with fresh garden vegetable, or simply on a beautiful, warm summer evening.

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