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Astrolabe Durvillea

Pinot Gris

Marlborough, New Zealand

Alc. 13 %

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Most notably found in Italy, Pinot Gris/Pinot Grigio has relatively small acreage in New Zealand, with just under 4,000 acres planted. Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio are actually the same grape, produced in different regions and in different styles. Pinot Gris has a number of synonyms, depending on where you are, the grape may be called: Grauburgunder (Germany), Grauer Burgunder (Austria), or Tokay d’Alsace (an old name used in Alsace, France).

While Italy is 'home' to Pinot Grigio, New Zealand is best known for Sauvignon Blanc (second largest producer behind France). But that doesn't mean New Zealand doesn't also produce amazing Pinot Gris! Almost all of the wine produced in New Zealand is from the region of Marlborough, with a unique terroir and diversity of microclimates, it proves to be a great location for many different varietals.

Winemaker at Astrolabe, Simon Waghorn, settled and created the winery in Marlborough because of his ties to the region. The winery is named after an ancient instrument of navigation that measures the altitude of the stars and was also the name of an early sailing ship that explored the Marlborough coast; Astrolabe epitomizes Waghorn's drive for exploration and discovery. Perfectly enjoyable today, but in proper conditions, this wine could also be saved until 2021. Serve at 8 C.


Pale straw in colour with grey/green reflections.


A perfect Pinot Gris, with ripe flavours from sweet, orchard and tropical fruits. Peach, pear, quince and a tropical fruit salad of melon and grapes (like the one mom packed in your lunch). A spritz of orange peel adds some citrus notes, as well as sweet apple blossoms.


A rich palate that still remains delicate, but trends towards a fuller body with more juicy melons and freshly picked peaches. The flavour of confectioned nougat candy offers us sweet and nutty notes of honey, almonds, vanilla and candied fruits. All of the weight, ripe fruits, and richness of flavours are balanced by cleansing, light acidity and a dry, clean finish.


A riper style of Pinot Gris trends away from the crispness of lime and apple flavours, and here we have a great example. We suggest pairing this silky smooth wine with a divine cheese plate. Look for medium to soft cow or sheep's milk cheeses, like gruyere, muenster or brebisrousse d'argental (like a brie).

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