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M El Maset


Languedoc-Roussillion, France

Alc. 14.5 %

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The majority of the world's Grenache is found in Spain, where it is known as Grenache Tinta. As with most grape varietals, it has several synonyms, which can become confusing. Grenache is also called Tinto Aragonés (not to be confused with 'Aragonez' which is Tempranillo in Portugal), Garnatxa, Lladoner, Cannonau... But be careful, some may be assumed to be Grenache but actually are not, like Garnacha Tintorera, which is not Grenache, but a synonym for another grape, 'Alicante'.

Outside of Spain, Grenache's historical recognition in acclaimed wines was restrained mainly to Châteauneuf-du-Pape of southern Rhône. Today we see more variety in style and origin, from Australia to California, and it is even used to produce rosè (especially in Navarra, Spain and Provence, France). Grenache prefers heat and is a late ripening grape, so it requires a long growing season. A naturally vigorous vine, it tends to produce its best fruit under stress and can endure extreme conditions, from wind to drought.

In its early stages Grenache is ripe with red berry notes, with time, leather, olive and spice will overtake the fresh, youthfulness. Enjoy today at proper room temperature, 18 C. Or if you prefer, this wine will age well into 2021 with the right cellaring conditions.


A pretty hue of dark purple, almost amethyst, with ruby reflections.


Warmed red fruit compote gives us a solid, rich base of bramble and jammy berries from cherry to raspberry. Fresh, spicy aromas of white pepper and herbal intoxications of fresh bay leaf and oregano linger. There are also hints of chocolate, menthol and crushed gravel, adding dimension to the fruit profile.


At first sip, it comes across our palate plush and round, but there is a seriousness to the wine too. We like its firm but soft approach. Structurally sound with a medium acidity that cleanses our palate, slightly stronger tannins that are finely grained, and a medium + body. Dark berries, grilled plums, and earthy flavours of bark and cherry pit. We also pick up on an underlying cherry cola flavour that adds a sweetness to the garrigue notes.


Sausage paella simmered with herbs and paprika. We think this wine pairs well with meals that taste like they have been stewing all day, with rich flavours and a slightly smoky appeal.

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