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Blue Pyrenees Bone Dry Rosé

Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Merlot

Pyrenees, Victoria

12 Alcohol


Last fall we featured a couple of brand new wines from Blue Pyrenees, marking their arrival into Canada. We decided to save their rosé to share with you at the perfect time! We are bringing in the new year with a wine that is great for enjoying in the sunshine of a brisk winter day, when the next chinook roles into town, or at Family Day brunch - really there is no wrong time for rosé!

Blue Pyrenees has just launched their own online wine shop, catering exclusively to Canadians. If you love this wine or want to check out the others from Blue Pyrenees, you can only purchase more in the WineCollective online store or directly from Blue Pyrenees!

The winery noted that their growing season for the 2017 vintage was relatively cool with good rainfall. There wasn't any need for the vineyards to be irrigated, and the cooler season allowed for longer ripening and consistent development of flavours. The wine underwent malolactic fermentation (the process where the tart malic acid in wine is converted to creamier lactic acid). Not all wines undergo 'malo' or 'MLF', but most reds and some whites do. Left with the yeast lees for six months, allowing autolysis to occur also added to the textural enjoyment of this wine. Serve chilled to 8 C and enjoy in 2019.

How it looks

A very pale, dusty peach colour. Like a vintage, faded orange or light sorbet hue.

How it smells

A Provençal nose that gives us an array of fresh herbs, partnered with wild fruits and floral rose petal. The grapes, also all French in origin, speak to flavours found in the south of France; a strong strawberry tone from Pinot Noir, with an added citrus quality from Pinot Meunier, and just ripened notes of cherries.

How it tastes

Fruity and tart with green strawberries and the white part of a watermelon - not juicy and sweet, but not the bitter rind. There is a fresh floral blossom note that gives an orange zest flavour and adds a bit of pop to the mid-palate, assisting the moderate acidity. Although the palate is crisp, with light, underripe fruit flavours, there is still a delicious creaminess that makes this wine overly crushable.

Recommended food pairing

Although from Australia, we like the Provence theme, whose cuisine is centred on olive oil, garlic, saffron and wild herbs. Niçoise salad, or 'artichauts à la barigoule' fried artichokes cooked with bacon and garlic.

2017Blue Pyrenees Bone Dry Rosé

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