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La Chamiza Polo Amateur Malbec



12 Alcohol


La Chamiza has two lines of wines, the Professional and the Amateur - both are a play on the game of polo. The vineyard is located on polo fields, and owner Don Martin's passion for the sport has transitioned into his wines. The Professional wines were developed to showcase the character of the grapes and the terroir in which they are grown, and while the same dedication and commitment are given to the Amateur wines, they are intended to portray more youthful and energetic qualities.

The flagship wine of Argentina has retained its popularity past its 15 minutes of fame, and for good reason. Malbec is quaffable and easy to enjoy. It is also a great wine to always have on hand because of its versatile food pairing abilities - from saucy and rich, to aged cheeses, to grilled vegetarian fare. The diverse landscape of Argentina also allows for great variety. The varied altitudes combined with the diverse effects from the ocean currents and the Andes give a wide range to the varietal expressions, from ripe and fruity to rustic and ethereal.

Although Malbec is originally from France, where it is known as Cot and is most comfortable in the region of Cahors, it has thrived in Argentina since it first arrived in 1852. Phylloxera, a pest that destroys vines by attacking their roots, decimated vineyards in Europe, with the destruction estimated at 6 million acres in France in the 19th century. Cot was almost wiped out completely and never was replanted to the same pre-phylloxera acreage. Now, Argentina is easily considered the new 'home' of Malbec. Serve by 2020 at 18 C.

How it looks

Deep, dark purple, reminiscent of velvet, with lush colouring to the edge.

How it smells

An inviting nose of warm, dark fruits and spices. We find prune and raisin aromas that are concentrated and ripe, partnered with black plums and blueberries. There are herbaceous notes of green leaves and subtle aromas of leather and wooden chest. This is a fruit-forward profile, but there is something extra with every swirl.

How it tastes

Smooth, round, soft, integrated, plush.... all the descriptors of a pleasant mouthfeel that leads us to ample fruit flavours and black pepper. The tannins are mild and do not interrupt the easy roll of cherries, blackberries and plums across the tongue. Similar to the nose, we still find herbs, cracked pepper, briar patch and woodsy notes. There is a distinct jammy quality in the mid-palate that gives this a bolder presence and fuller body while still remaining effortless with moderate acidity.

Recommended food pairing

We usually suggest Argentine classics and BBQ with bright and crushable Malbec. But if you want to try something new, how about Indian dishes with cumin? Or Moroccan flavours, like a pork tagine with paprika and saffron seasonings.

2016La Chamiza Polo Amateur Malbec

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