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Birichino Scylla

Carignan, Grenache, Mourvedre

Salinas, California, United States

Alc. 13 %

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Birichino (pronounced bir-ee-kino) is Italian for mischievous - adding to the wines' playful personas. Birichino is located in Santa Cruz, within the vast and varied Central Coast wine region, which follows the coastline from San Francisco Bay, south to Santa Barbara, and inland from the Pacific Ocean. The Scylla is harvested from old Carignan vineyards in Lodi, planted in 1920. With the addition of Grenache (33%) and Mourvèdre (5%), the average age of the vines is 99 years!

Alex Krause and John Locke combined their years of experience within the wine world, from California, France and Italy, to come together in 2008 to create Birichino. Beyond all, they strive to maintain the integrity of their raw materials and exercise minimal intervention. We rarely quote producers, but in this instance, we wish we could take credit for this bang-on quote, "Scylla wraps its silky yet toothsome, urbane yet rustic charms around its chosen fare without drawing it into the abyss. Prismatically perfumed, yet gently firm, it lifts us up, and invites another glass".

Birichino is relatively new to our market, you may have started to see their wines pop up in boutiques shops and sought after wine lists. This 2017 vintage is the debut release of 'Scylla' and is only available in very small quantities, so we suggest saving this wine for a special evening! Enjoy by 2022 at 18 C.


A lighter shade of raspberry red, with pinker hues along the edges. The wine does not undergo fining or filtering, so be sure to decant prior to serving, or allow the bottle to stand upright to allow particles to settle at the bottom (sediment is completely natural and in no way a fault or harmful).


An exciting wine to explore with an evolving aroma that flows from smoke and ash, violet and neutral oak, to raspberry jelly and red licorice, and even cinnamon. The red berry fruit profile grows with time and takes over more of the pronounced flavours, adding freshness.


Punchy, but refined! There are pops and sparks of fun flavours and an acidity that grows throughout the sip, with the salivation increasing as the wine travels across your tongue. The fruit leans towards more tart berries, like wild strawberry, underripe plums and cranberry. A bitterness of red apple skin and herbs, and sticky, cottony tannins leave a drying sensation throughout the mouth. This medium to light bodied wine carries a ton of flavour and personality.


Grenache and Carignan has an affinity for braised and stewed dishes, here in a lighter body and partnered with a gracious friend, Mourvèdre, we suggest a roasted pork tenderloin with a balsamic glaze and a generous herb blend of rosemary and thyme, served with roasted carrots and parsnips.

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