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Casa de la Ermita Crianza


Sierra de El Carche, Jumilla

14 Alcohol


The region of Jumilla in the southeast part of Spain wasn’t always known for producing quality wines, but fortunately that reputation has been changing over the past few years. It was once known for quaffable wines made in less than ideal conditions, and generally only consumed by locals. Now, Jumilla is a wine region to watch for and North America is finally on the receiving end of some quality wines at affordable prices from this lesser known Spanish region. The grape in this wine also flies under the radar compared to more popular red grape varieties. Monastrell is most often blended with Garnacha (Grenache) and Syrah, so when you see it as a single varietal wine, you’ll want to take note. If you’re a big, bold red wine drinker, this wine is made for you. If you are intrigued by this wine and want to further branch out of your Cabernet trend, other wines like Tannat or Petit Verdot are a bit more unusual and probably right up your alley. Decant before serving to soften the tannins and allow the wine to open up. Serving temperature is best at 18-20 C and should be consumed between now and 2024.

How it looks

A beautiful, deep ruby colour from core to rim. The colour is almost completely opaque.

How it smells

Overwhelming smokiness on the nose with pencil shavings and ripe, dark fruit. Before you even take your first sip, you’ll want to keep going back to the glass to have another smell, and another and another. It is in line with the typical flavours of this grape, when enjoying Monastrell look for cocoa, blackberry and even tobacco leaf.

How it tastes

In a blind tasting, you might mistake this wine for Cabernet Sauvignon. It shares some Cab characteristics like graphite, black fruit and grippy tannins. You’ll also find pepper spice, potting soil and chocolate covered cherries. The Casa Ermita Monastrell is full-bodied and well-balanced. The alcohol sits at 14%, which is perfect for its bold flavours and high tannins, but we do suggest you have with food for the best experience.

Recommended food pairing

Anything you would pair with Cabernet Sauvignon or red Bordeaux blends would suit this wine just fine. Red meat is a match made in heaven, but it would also be great with BBQ pork ribs or portobello mushroom burgers with swiss cheese and truffle aioli.

2013Casa de la Ermita Crianza

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