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Torrae del Sale


Puglia, Italy

Alc. 14 %

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When we think of Sangiovese, our minds almost always wander to Tuscany, especially the Chianti region. However, Alma Wines have been producing Sangiovese in Puglia for many years. Puglia is the “heel” of the boot and is Italy’s best kept secret for wines with outstanding value. Although Puglia used to be known for producing large quantities of lower quality wines (aka: “plonk”) but that reputation is changing fast, especially with wineries like Alma who are making good quality, approachable wines like this Sangiovese.

Alma Wines have wineries and vineyards all over Italy from Veneto to Chianti, to Puglia. They pride themselves on producing a variety of wine styles at various price points. Their Torrae del Sale label also offers a wine produced from Puglia's staple grape variety, Primitivo, as well as a Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, Pinot Grigio from Lombardia, and a Chianti DOCG. These are all wines with typicity, representing the benchmark of their grape, style and region (and great value).

We like this wine best when it has a slight chill, 16 C, and allow it to warm in your glass. Poured today, you can expect freshness and tart berries, and with time a slight bricking to the colour as well as more herbal flavours. Enjoy today or save until 2020.


Rich, deep ruby hue with just a hint of brick on the rim. Slow moving tears indicate a fuller body.


On the nose there is a touch of tobacco with lots of earth, mineral and faint berry aroma. You know it’s an old world wine before you even have your first sip. These rustic notes are partnered with the expectant cherry and raspberry, freshly picked from a wild bush.


There’s a burst of dark berries on the palate like black raspberry and blackberry. After that you may get some fresh red fruit like strawberries and tart red cherries. And there is a bit of sweet vanilla and herbs that fill in all the gaps. All of the structural elements are medium-ish: medium to full body, medium tannins, medium-plus acidity, all balanced with 14% alcohol. It’s exactly what you need when you don’t want a wine that’s too light or too full.


This Sangiovese is the perfect Tuesday night pizza wine. If you want to get a little fancy, try a flatbread with tomato sauce, Capicola ham, mozzarella, topped with fresh basil. It would also be amazing with bruschetta or charcuterie and hard cheeses.

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