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Château Boutisse

Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot

Saint-Émilion Grand Cru, Bordeaux

12.5 Alcohol


Rarely are we given the opportunity to feature a library release wine, they are typically quite expensive and also available in lesser amounts, making it difficult to source in large enough volumes. But we have a treat for you this month, a twenty year old Bordeaux, aged to perfection! Not all wines are meant to be aged, not even all Bordeaux, and many that can are not durable enough to last up to 2 decades. One of the most important things to know about purchasing an aged wine, is where and how has it been cellared. Ideally you are purchasing from the producer, meaning that they cellared the wine before releasing it to the market, ensuring that it was kept in the best condition possible. If cellaring your own wine, or purchasing from a collector, there are some basics you should know and be able to ask. Wine should be cellared at cool and consistent temperatures, between 7-17 Celsius. Keep your wine in the dark, it should not be exposed to sunlight, and avoid fluorescent bulbs which do emit some ultraviolet light. If you are cellaring less than 5 years, you shouldn't fret too much about humidity, unless you live in the desert! Lay your wine horizontal and avoid vibrations, like that of a fridge motor. Keep wine between 50-70%, if too dry, the cork may become compromised allow the passage of oxygen into the bottle, or seepage out of the bottle. With any older bottle, be careful when opening because chances are your cork will be dry and difficult. If it breaks or crumbles, don't worry, just decant! We do suggest serving this wine within 2019, but it may be cellared another 5 years easily. Although not necessary, it is best to decant prior to serving, as aged wine will have sediment and this will also remove any dried cork bits. Serve at 18 C.

How it looks

Medium core of garnet red and a slightly hazy composition. The colouring fades to a red brick, verging on mahogany along the edges, showing the age of the wine.

How it smells

As a wine ages, the tertiary flavours start to grow and take over the dominant primary fruit profile, and secondary notes from winemaking, like the barrel. Here, the fruits are dark and stewy, with some figs and strawberry compote. Along with herbs and tobacco leaf, notes of balsamic reduction, and Dr. Pepper cola are common descriptors when we try older wine.

How it tastes

We again expect more stewy fruits on the palate, but are surprised by the amount of cherry and red berries still showing fresh and tart, which along with solid acidity, tells us this wine still has life left to age further. These warmed cranberries are showcased on a medium body and sandy tannins. There are many layers of nuanced oak and age, cocoa nibs, plum skin, savoury dried herbs, oak chest, saddle leather and dry earth.

Recommended food pairing

A special wine that will make any evening an occasion. Sheep's milk cheeses that are firm, like buttery Zamorano (Spanish), sharp Fiore Sardo (Italy), or more familiar Pecorino or Manchego. This decadent wine also mirrors the flavours of duck wonderfully!

1999Château Boutisse

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