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Barbera Da Vine


Piedmont, Italy

Alc. 12.5 %

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Barbera is a wine that you should have stocked and ready-on-hand at anytime! When you venture to the liquor store, look for a fun, little Barbera when you normally grab a Chianti. Similar to Sangiovese, the predominant wine of Chianti, in that it exhibits tart flavours and offers good acidity, but you also will find herbaceous notes and an array of wood, stone and floral too!

Piedmont, located in northwestern Italy, mostly produces red wines such as Barbera, Nebbiolo and Dolcetto, and lesser amounts of white wine, which makes up about 35% of production. Barbera makes up most of the wine bottled in the region. Barbera Da Vine was harvested from the Monferrato hills of Piedmont, which is in the south eastern corner of the region. Here, the continental climate and tuffaceous soil make the perfect home for Barbera.

Tuffaceous soil must contain at minimum 50% tuff (tufo in Italian). Tuff is an igneous rock that forms from volcanic ash after an eruption. Piedmont is home to one of the oldest volcanoes in the world, and located at the base of the Alpines, the surrounding foothills are home to some of the most intriguing volcanic soils. There is your geology lesson for the day, now grab your glass and enjoy this year, served at 18 C.


The colour of over-ripened fuzzy raspberries, a deep ruby hue at the core with medium opacity.


There is no searching here, the aromas are bountiful and they leap out of the glass. The base of the fruit profile is rich, like balsamic reduction and raspberries accompanied by juicy cran-raspberry sodas that offer a bit of pop from tart and sour berries. A few more swirls and peppercorn spice starts to play with with licorice nib and cola.


Barbera Da Vine is a complex lady, she lures you in with her sweetness and surprises you with a pop of tart berries. She is definitely Italian and displays a bit of that rustic charm, partnered with herbal raspberry leaf and stem. Well-balanced with appropriate levels of acidity and milder tannin, on a medium weighted body. Stronger cranberry flavours on the palate are off-set with some prune and dusty earth. Not too serious with a clean finish makes her a pleasant anytime wine.


Barbera loves mushrooms and herbs, and pairs easily with roasted vegetables. Keep it Italian with a pizza, but go unconventional with sautéed mushroom, kale, onions, and thin slices of sweet potato, topped with shaved Taleggio.

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