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Donna Laura Ali

Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon


13 Alcohol


Dominantly Sangiovese (90%), the producer tells us about the 2 kinds of clones that are blended here. F9 Sangiovese is vibrant and fruity, while the CH-20 provides the backbone and structure. Did you know that different clones of the same varietal can create varying flavours and offer different characteristics? Some clones have become more famous than the wines they've been used to make. Becoming synonymous with quality and, when noted, may give the buyer an indication of the wine's style based on its genetics. You may hear about 'Pommard' or 'Dijon' clones of Pinot Noir, these are fairly well recognized and sought after in the wine world. Do we think you should start researching the clones of where your wine is from? Probably not, but it is interesting to know the many variables there are when it comes to winemaking, many more than the wine country or region and grape type. What we do think is worth your time and attention, is enjoying fabulous wine from Tuscany! This Tuscan beauty will never go out of style, and the clones used are not as important as your evening spent sharing it with friends and a big bowl of pasta! This wine is named after the winery owners daughter, and 'ali' in Italian also means 'wings'. The artwork from the label is a detailed portrait of Cupid, which is based off of another wine label created by Rik Olsen on the Donna Laura Bramosia. Enjoy by 2021 and serve slightly chilled to 16 C.

How it looks

Very dark ruby core, with light fading through the edges with maroon and brick colouring, to a narrow rim.

How it smells

Classic and timeless aromas of ripe and juicy berries - raspberry, blackberry and a bit of blueberry. The profile is warm and inviting with a bit of spice and cracked peppercorns, suede and a touch of menthol or eucalyptus. Although fruity, the jammy sweetness isn't confectioned, it is fresh and bright!

How it tastes

A friendly greeting at first sip that is lush and easy, but we were surprised at how serious this little wine is! There are nice, crunchy red berries with a tart cran-apple and cherry pucker, ending with a sweet strawberry kiss. The Sangiovese really shines with the presence of cherry and tomato leaf. There is a splash of darker fruit flavours from the Cab as the wine opens. Medium bodied, sticky tannins and good acidity, the finish lingers with bitter plum and cherry pit, leaving a mineral aftertaste.

Recommended food pairing

Nuanced and sophisticated, we think this little gem deserves a thoughtful meal. Eggplant parmesan, or mussels in a red wine sauce and tons of herbed toast to soak up the juices.

2016Donna Laura Ali

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