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River Retreat Pinot Noir



River Retreat Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir

Murray Darling, Australia

Alc. 13.5 %

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Thanks to the early adoption of irrigation in the late 1800's, the vast Murray Darling region was transformed from desert to viticultural oasis. The first vines were planted in 1888, but have only just recently really taken off with several dozen boutique wineries now calling the area home. Over 15,000 hectares of vineyard are planted with an abundance of Chardonnay, along with some Shiraz, Cabernet and other Mediterranean varietals.

What makes Murray Darling prime for Pinot production? Actually, technically it isn't a textbook area for Pinot! The vast region is consistently hot with lots of sunshine. But there are pockets that allow for cooling breezes and take better advantage of the high diurnal temperature of the continental climate. Murray Darling possess some great qualities that aid a grower's efforts, not just for Pinot, but all grapes, such as low humidity that deters disease and calcareous soils that promote vigour and yields.

A 'today' Pinot, we suggest chilling down to 16 C and enjoying this year. This will be a great wine to have on hand for spontaneous get-togethers and lazy day dinners.


Bright cherry red with a tawny reflection that shows a bit of brick or mahogany colouring.


Super fragrant and pleasant with fruity, spicy and earthy aromas. Forest floor, potting soil, wood and bark all blend together for secondary notes that compliment the strawberry, cherry and herbal raspberry leaf.


Light bodied, but big flavoured. The medium acidity helps create a cleansing palate for the rugged and rustic flavours that are mirrored from the nose. Although pronounced, there is a delicate presence to this Pinot, showcasing peppery strawberries, cranberry and wild cherries. The fruits really pop on the palate adding a fresh splash through the finish.


Pinot that is young and fresh pairs exceptionally with charcuterie. Make it a meal sized serving with grilled vegetables and patés or terrines to round out the ham and cheeses.

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