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Batasiolo Gavi


Piedmont, Italy

Alc. 12.5 %

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Gavi, located in southeastern Piedmont, is also referred to as 'Gavi di Gavi' and 'Cortese di Gavi'. The white wine produced here is well-known for its minerality, stone fruit and citrus flavours, tingly acidity and delicate palate, grown on limestone rich soils that are chalky and white. It is produced from the Cortese grape, which also goes by the name of the region it is from, Gavi.

Cortese is indigenous to the region of Gavi, with its history dating back to the 1600s, and although located in Piedmont, the style of wine is more inline with that of Liguria. The 'Italian Riviera' runs along the coast and borders Piedmont and there are many similarities in soil and climate. The mineral rich soils are a defining character of the aroma and flavours of the Gavi wines, which are ranked as some of the top whites in all of Italy.

Gavi may be produced as a sparkling wine (look out for “Metodo Classico” Gavi produced in the same style as Champagne), or frizzanté, or even barrel aged for added layers and complexity, but the majority is still wine produced in stainless steel. At its best fresh and fragrant, we love a Cortese on a patio or for a picnic, think of it like your little black dress, you can dress it up or dress it down. Enjoy by the end of 2019 and chilled to 10 C.


Very pale gold with a tinge of green straw that shows in swirling reflections.


An effortless and easy aroma of stone fruits, dried grasses, and wet stone. Pretty and light, all the notes mesh well together and are seamless. We love the sweet honeydew melon, golden apples, white peaches, sliced lemons, and that undertone of minerality.


Freshening acidity that slowly grows as the wine travels across your palate, cleansing and creating a juicy platform for a bite of green apple skin, peach pit and underripe green melon. The body is light and elegant, and the flavours are delicate and a bit coy with pops of citrus fruit. The finish is highlighted by the minerality that we found on the nose.


Gavi is a staple on many Italian restaurant wine lists. It is perfect with seafood, and especially fond of the the cuisine from the Ligurian coast. The birthplace of pesto, prepare the classic sauce from scratch and toss with 'trofiette', a spiral-shaped pasta, and prawns.

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