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Elias Mora Descartes

Tinta de Toro

Toro, Spain

Alc. 14.5 %

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We have had a bit of a love affair with this wine, and this winery for the last few years. On a visit to Toro (located in the larger region of Castilla y Leon, in north-west Spain) we first visited Elias Mora back in 2015, and decided to bring back the first bottles of Descarte to Canada with us as a WineCollective exclusive. We are thrilled to share this new vintage with you, we think it actually might be better than the last!

Elias Mora, a winery owned and operated by amazing woman, has consistently produced stellar wines, and by Spanish definition, they are still relatively 'new', founded in 2000. The winery is home to nearly 18 acres of old vine (averaging 20 years), broken up into 40 unique plots. Victoria, the owner, focuses exclusively on Tinta de Toro - the native clone of Tempranillo, which is planted in clay and limestone soils with large surface stones.

This is a powerhouse of a wine and should come with a warning on the label, 'only drink while seated, with a full plate, and your favourite people'. It deserves to be enjoyed in celebration, so save this for a special night within the next 5 years. Decanting wouldn't hurt either, and serve at 18 C.


Intensely dark coloured, with inky red-purple hues that hold consistent to the outer edge, and deposits a bunch of colour on the glass when you swirl.


No shortage of aromas here, with an array of rich and ripe blackberry, black cherry and plums. There are lots of other interesting notes that combine and show off at different points of the swirl and sip, from milk chocolate covered cherries, cocoa powder, leather, smoke, violets and fresh cracked pepper.


Congratulations, you finally pulled your nose out of your glass long enough to take a sip! The plethora of decadence continues, and we find layers of roasted coffee bean, fruit cake, stewed plums, mocha and toasted vanilla bean. The intensity in flavour is also replicated in the texture and boldness on your palate, lots of grip and lightly gritty tannins. There is soft acidity that lightly flows through, and ends while we enjoy a long, drawn out finish.


We aren't afraid of overpowering this wine, but we want to be sure we don't detract from it. Wines from Toro are exemplary with grilled food, a saucy rack of ribs will be a great offering for this wine. But you can also go vegetal, with mushroom and eggplants on the BBQ.

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