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Marqués de Nombrevilla Viura



13 Alcohol


We couldn't help ourselves, we had to show you another gem from Marqués de Nombrevilla! We introduced you to the Garnacha in December, now make room in your wine fridge for the Viura. Viura can be a tricky varietal for a few reasons - they typically grow in tight bunches and favour being grown in higher altitudes. But if pruned hard and picked early this grape can really shine! If you look closely at the label you'll notice a sun emblem. This serves as a designation of wines from the Calatayud Designation of Origin from Bodegas San Alejandro. The logo was inspired by the reliquary that still remains in the altarpiece of Miedes today. The cooperative, founded in 1962, supports over 350 independent farmers who strive to produce quality wines. Located in Miedes de Aragón the farmers are provided an ideal location for the altitude of its vineyards, diversity in its soils, long maturation of the grapes and a climate of cool winters and dry summers. Drink now and serve chilled at 6-8 C.

How it looks

Very pale sunshine yellow, almost colourless, with a clear rim.

How it smells

Three words - fresh, fruity and floral. A beautiful ode to summer with hints of orange blossom, sweet grass and elderflower. Crisp green apple cuts through the floral along with underlying tones of white stone fruit like pears and peaches, that could almost be described as fuzzy peaches.

How it tastes

A delightful crisp sensation upon first taste, a strong hit of tart apple, specifically ripe crab apple that softens through a long finish into tones of slightly bitter grape-seed. The apple concedes and allows you to experience some golden fruits, specifically golden apple, peach pit and pear. Finally a splash of pink brings you some faint grapefruit with notes of lychee offering a sweet juiciness. This wine is a perfect example of balanced with a round, slick mouthfeel and bright, sharp acidity that provides tingly gums and a warm palate.

Recommended food pairing

For this young Viura we recommend picking up your favourite southeast Asian dish. We're thinking a coconut curry or a vermicelli noodle bowl.

2018Marqués de Nombrevilla Viura

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