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Hazy View Chenin Blanc




Hazy View Chenin Blanc

Chenin Blanc

Western Cape, South Africa

Alc. 11.5 %

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Chenin Blanc has two homes, while its birthplace is in the Loire Valley in France, it has settled in nicely in South Africa too. Chenin Blanc covers about 18% of of all the vineyards in South Africa, and is the country's most planted varietal. About 50% of the worlds Chenin Blanc is grown in South Africa, which is why the grape has become so synonymous with its new home away from home. Here, Chenin Blanc also goes by "Steen", which is translated from Afrikaans to 'brick'. Chenin Blanc is a work horse of a grape and was initially sought after and planted for its vigour and high yields.

Today, Chenin Blanc from South Africa is diverse and offers great quality. It is grown across several different regions, offering many different styles from different terroir. Warm climate Chenin will offer melon, mango and apples, and will feel fuller in your mouth with a bit of natural sweetness. Cooler climate regions will produce Chenin with zippy acidity and citrus notes. There are also many other notable descriptors of South African Chenin, like passion fruit, chamomile, plum and ginger. Most Chenin Blanc from South Africa is intended to be drank young and fresh, enjoy yours by 2020 and chilled to 10 C.


Soft yellow, glistening and the colour of cut golden apples.


Classic and beautiful Chenin nose with a mixture of clean steely minerality and floral aromatics. Whiffs of white stone fruits, like peaches and pears. Bits of vegetal and green-ness in the background give freshness and pulls back the fruity flavours and adds more layers. Crisp and clean!


The stone fruits we found on the nose are ripe and fleshy and provide a solid base of juicy peach, nectarine and apricot on the palate. There are a lot of apple flavours, from golden apple slices to green apple skin. This medium weighted white is kept lively with solid acidity that adds brightness, along with hints of green - grass, basil, chive, capsicum. Chenin Blanc has a natural sweetness that when made with great balance, like the Hazy View, is impeccable!


The zesty South African style Chenin Blanc is a show stopper with smoked fish, patés, quiche, scallops, and mild cheeses. Brunch buffet anyone? Even avocado egg bennies would be great!

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