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Monteci Roveiago

Corvina, Rondinella, Merlot


13 Alcohol


The label on this Verona regional wine reminds us of a simpler time. Featuring a Penny Farthing (aka high wheel, high wheeler and ordinary), with its over-sized front wheel named after the penny, and it’s extra small back wheel representing the farthing. Popular in the late 1800s, this was the first machine called a bicycle and made traveling long distances much easier. What does this have to do with the wine? Nothing, really, except that you might see a few penny farthings in the Verona Mardi Gras Parade, as a nod to the 'days of old'. The Monteci winery has been passed down from father to son for five generations. They pride themselves on getting back to the basics of the land with organic and sustainable vineyard practices and minimal interference in the winery. Containing the varieties Corvina, Rondinella and Merlot, this Veronese wine is a reflection of the region and your chance to put your feet up and relax with a good bottle of wine. Serve at 14 C and drink now to 2022.

How it looks

The colour is medium purple-red. It’s bright with a magenta rim and medium tears.

How it smells

Powerful, fruity and savoury aromas fill the glass immediately. You may smell violets, red cherries, cranberries, red plum and fresh herbs. A bit of dust and gravel on the nose reminds you that this is definitely an old world wine, it has that charm, but also offers heightened fruit aromas.

How it tastes

The palate has darker, riper fruit than you might find on the nose, but they are welcome and a bit more brooding. We find the flavours of blackberry, bramble berry, cherry pie and rosemary. The tannins have a medium grip in your mouth and soften on the finish, leaving you with a bit of that dustiness you experienced with the aroma. The body is medium and the acidity is a bit more than medium, leaving a cleansing wash across your tongue. A lower alcohol level gives the wine balance and finesse - everything is in check here!

Recommended food pairing

This is a great first-course wine. Gather your friends around a charcuterie board with cured meat, strong cheese, warm olives, figs, tapenade, and a rustic antipasto with crostini.

2017Monteci Roveiago

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