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Gaintza Aitako

Hondarrabi Beltz, Hondarrabi Zuri, Chardonnay

Getariako Txakolina, Spain

Alc. 12 %

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There are a lot of unfamiliar words on the label of this wine. That can make the wine a bit intimidating for anyone. Even the so-called experts don’t want to embarrass themselves by choosing a bottle of wine with hard to pronounce words, so if that’s how you feel with this wine, you’re not alone. The name of the winery is Gaintza and the name of the wine is Aitako. The D.O (Designation of Origin) is Getariako Txakolina which is a small wine region in Spain.

Three grape varieties make up the Aitako. The primary grapes are indigenous and unfamiliar to most. The main grape is Hondarrabi Zuri, a white grape variety that is grown on vines that average about 80 to 100 years old. Compact berries produce wines with powerful aromas and flavours of citrus and blossom. The other native grape is Hondarrabi Beltza which is actually a red grape variety similar to Cabernet Franc. Because the juice is pressed off the skins right away, the colour of the wine is still white even though red grapes are used. Lastly, there’s a small percentage of Chardonnay in the blend to bulk up the body. We recommend serving at about 10 C for best flavour and texture. Drink now to 2020.


Because Chardonnay is a neutral grape variety it pulls back some of the aroma intensity you might normally find in a wine from Getariako Txakolina. You’ll get mineral on the nose right away, but take the time to swirl the wine to get a better whiff and more of the citrus and white floral notes will present themselves.


There is much more intensity on the palate then there is on the nose so you won’t need to search for flavours. Meyer lemon, tangerine, yogurt, lime, wet stone, and grilled pineapple are all in abundance, and uniquely integrated. The body is medium+ and the acidity is zippy with a little spritz on the tongue, giving the wine a very balanced mouth-feel.


This Spanish delight is the perfect accompaniment for white meat and fish. Try with grilled pork chops and homemade apple chutney or baked halibut.

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