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Krasno Red Blend

Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot

Goriška brda

13.5 Alcohol


Up until pretty recently, wine made in Slovenia was owned by foreign royalty. Local “peasants” toiled day and night, working the land and making wine for the benefit of kings and queens. It was only about 75 years ago that the Slovenian people started to benefit from their years of hard work. When you put that into perspective, it was in your parents or grandparents lifetime that the people of Slovenia were finally able to gain economic control over their own land. The Klet Brda winery that makes the Krasno blend, is a great example of people working together to promote the wine industry in Slovenia. The winery was established in 1957 with 400 local families working together to build the local economy, improve the local quality of life, and elevate the reputation of Slovenian wine around the world. To elevate your Slovenian wine drinking experience, serve this red blend at 18 C and feel free to decant for 20 minutes before serving. You could keep this wine in the cellar until at least 2025 if you want, but it’s ready to drink now, so why bother waiting?

How it looks

Brilliant ruby red that stays at a pretty consistent medium from core to rim.

How it smells

Floral aroma of violets and lilacs abound with the sweet smell of new leather saddle and peppered spice. The fruit takes a back seat at first to the earthy, smokey and peppercorn characteristics, but keep smelling and you’ll get bourbon cherries, ripe red plum and juicy pomegranate.

How it tastes

As with the nose, it might take you a couple of sips to get to the ripe fruit of this wine. It’s toasty, and earthy with fresh herbs and pink peppercorns. Once you’re on the second or third sip, the fruit is integrated beautifully. Stewed dark fruit, ripe red plums and black cherry goodness go down easy with slightly dusty tannins and medium body. Alcohol is well balanced at 13.5%. The acidity is medium-plus, providing a bit of freshness and makes your mouth water. The finish is long and pleasant bringing back that hint of pepper and smoke.

Recommended food pairing

Get out the BBQ for lamb burgers topped with smoked cheddar and caramelized onions.

2017Krasno Red Blend

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