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Dominio de Punctum

Sauvignon Blanc


13 Alcohol


Dominio de Punctum is located in Castilla-La Mancha, which you probably know best referenced from Don Quixote and Manchego cheese! The region produces IGP ((indicación geográfica protegida) wines, this designation allows for more freedom in wine production, as there are less regulations. Here, you can find fun blends and unique varietals planted, that otherwise wouldn't be found in a DO (Denominación de Origen). The price is generally quite a bit more affordable too, but don't worry, you don't have to trade in great wine for affordability. The Castilla-La Mancha region produces a lot of white wine (in addition to many reds), from local varietals like Macabeo, to Chardonnay, and of course, Sauvignon Blanc. Located south-east of Madrid, it is a large region, more than half of the country's grapes are grown here! The region is extremely hot, dry and continental. Extreme heat in the summer, commonly reaching 40 C, and freezing winters provide a harsh climate for the vines. Sauvignon Blanc in this climate is ripe and tropical with a warmer palate. We suggest serving this summer at a chilled 8 C on a sun baked patio.

How it looks

Clean and clear, and pale golden yellow in colour, with a clear rim. Looks crisp and refreshing!

How it smells

The aromas are subtle at first, but later blossom into a bouquet of golden apple, ripe pineapple, and hints of grass and lime leaf. There is also a slick minerality, like wet steel and stone that lingers lightly.

How it tastes

There is a slow building acidity that creates a warm and pleasant sensation across the palate. As we had hoped, the flavours found from the nose are showcased in waves, from tropical to citrus. Pineapple, sweet green melon, lime zest, and lemon. There are also lots of green accents too, some herbal, a bit grassy and some dry earth.

Recommended food pairing

Although Sauvignon Blanc doesn't come to mind first when thinking of Spanish wine, it is a great option to pour alongside Spanish cheese! Creamy Arzúa, sharp Manchego, tangy Cabrales, or nutty Mahon.

2017Dominio de Punctum

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