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Château Fuissé Saint-Véran



Château Fuissé Saint-Véran


Burgundy, France

Alc. 13.5 %

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Burgundy is a revered wine region in eastern France, known almost exclusively for producing the world's benchmark Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Gamay and Aligote are also grown here, and rosé is produced too in smaller amounts. Burgundy's 70,000 acres are divided into smaller sub-regions with their own micro-climates, producing wines with their own unique distinctions. Château Fuissé Saint-Véran is located in Maconnais, in the southern part of Burgundy. Château Fuissé Saint-Véran is located in the appellation of the same name, Saint-Véran, which was introduced in 1971.

Maconnais specializes in white wine produced from Chardonnay. The limestone hills and the warmer climate of the southern region produces an impeccable white Burgundy. Maconnais Chardonnay is full and fleshy, being closer to Beaujolais and enjoying the warmth of longer days. From these wines, you can expect an array of flavours, dependent on the winemaking style and vintage, but true to type they offer plenty of apple, citrus and tropical notes. These wines are rarely in oak, and can showcase richer bodies and weight while carrying freshness. Enjoy by 2022 and serve lightly chilled at 12 C.


Clear and clean golden straw colour that glistens in the light.


We enjoyed this wine slightly warmer, where it could be more expressive and, dare we say, sexier! Explore the aromas and tastes chilled out of the fridge, but allow ample time for it to warm in your glass. Now, you should find a more flinty character with chamomile tea, blossoms, vanilla, preserved lemons, golden apple and green pears.


Gushing with ample acidity at first sip, the juiciness is expressed in salivating sensation and our mouths continue to water well into the finish. The mineral and flinty finesse from the nose shows on the tip of your tongue and is quickly followed by crunchy orchard fruit dominated by apple and fresh picked peach. There is a warming sensation from the lingering alcohol and a drying, toastiness that tastes like blanched almonds and a bit of tea leaf.


A seductive wine that should be matched with date night. It will carry through your dinner from a summer salad of roasted beets, a fresh seafood pasta, and a main of grilled trout and roasted veg.

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