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Château Gantonnet

Sauvignon, Muscadelle, Semillon

Bordeaux, France

Alc. 13.5 %

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When you hear 'Bordeaux', you probably think of red wine, however, the region makes exceptional white wine too! Under 10% of the wines produced here are white. The whites of Bordeaux often take a back seat to the blends dominated by Cabernet and Merlot, all while Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon and Muscadelle combine to create sophisticated and cellarable, and fun and fruity wines.

Although today most people enjoy Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand and other 'new world' regions, Sauv Blanc actually originated in Bordeaux. In its Parisian home, Sauv Blanc is mostly blended and is best friends with Semillon. With more Sauv Blanc in the blend, expect a zippy, fruitier wine with citrus, gooseberry, grass and honeysuckle. While the dominance of Semillon usually indicates a richer bodied wine that offers an oily or slick texture, concentrated fruits like figs, and ripe apples.

This is an exclusive feature, brought to Canada just for our members! Bordeaux is known for its collector bottles, but most of the wine that is produced is affordable and accessible. However, not all wines are created equal, and we are proud to have found this amazing wine that demonstrates both quality and value! Great today, but call also cellar until 2022. Serve at 10 C.


Pale sunshine yellow with golden reflections and a watery, clear rim.


This is a beautiful nose that offers us so much to explore! Citrus aromas of key lime, lemon zest and an herbal lemongrass too. But it doesn't stop there, there is a roundness and fullness that implores us to keep a deep breath and take it all in! There is a strong floral note, like walking into a flower shop with fresh cut herbs, floral petals, hibiscus and sweet green leaves.


Sliced Granny Smith apples and green pears give a fleshy and full fruit base to secondary tastes of lemon, soft lingerings of herbs, and florals. The fresh fruits are nestled against mineral, wool, and steel - all adding both texture and flavours, and tons of complexity. Great acidity leaves a tingly feeling across the tip of the tongue and a salivating feeling. The mouthfeel is slick and clean, keeping it lean and still easy to drink with lots going on. Last, but not least, we love the light toasted pine nut finish.


We hate to say it, but this really is quite versatile! Chicken dishes are great, from salads and sandwiches to roasted with a rice pilaf. We also really like a Primavara pasta, or your favourite seafood linguine! Don't forget to add the fresh herbs from the garden!

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