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Saveurs du Temps

Syrah, Grenache

Costières de Nîmes, France

Alc. 12.5 %

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Costières De Nîmes is the most southern wine growing region in the Rhône Valley, working with Rhône typical varietals, Syrah (dominant grape in northern Rhône) and Grenache (dominant grape in southern Rhône). The majority of wine produced is red, with a lesser amount of rosés and white wines. The distinguishing character of wines from Costieres De Nîmes comes from the soil, with pebbles deposited by the Rhône and Durance rivers. The Mistral is also a key feature in Rhône wines. This cold and dry regional wind blows from the north and picks up steam as it travels through the Rhône Valley.

The flat and low lying terrain of Costières De Nîmes offers the typical garrigue landscape - dry scrubland on limestone soils. Think thyme and lavender growing wild on rocky slopes. A winemaker once explained to us that after a day in the vineyards, the bottom of your shoe smells like dinner - an herb smothered steak!

This wine is brand new to Canada and we are thrilled to add it to your rosé repertoire! You will not be disappointed by this Parisian gem, and we hope that you are in high spirits as you enjoy it at the end of an evening with great company! Meant to be enjoyed fresh, please start sipping this summer at a chilled 8 C.


This smells like a French rosé, and that is what it is! So, what does a French rosé smell like? This light, Provence style is first identified by its light pink hue, and the aromas are predominately wild strawberry, watermelon and notes of herb, greenery and leafy. The rosé in your glass has a personality all of its own, building on the expected flavours, with the addition of floral baby's breath, nectarine, and orange sorbet.


Our first impression is of a medium building acidity that is cleansing across the palate and through to the finish - not racy or sharp, but more gushing and salivating. There is an initial bitterness of apple skin or cherry pit that is pleasant and offers a drying sensation, and soon after the berries are delivered! We love the white cherries, dried thyme, and stoney minerality we find here! The red, wild fruits are found mostly in the mid-palate and in the finish, the last bit of the sip has an elevated sweetness and bit of juiciness which is necessary, the dry and herbal tones.


Casual seaside fair of crab cakes, or fried shrimp po' boy. Enough acidity to handle some fried foods, but also light enough to balance lighter entrees, like fresh salads.

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