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Frog's Leap

Sauvignon Blanc


12.9 Alcohol


Frog's Leap owner, John Williams, has been farming the land in Napa Valley for over 40 years. It's important to know that because the grapes come first. After all, you can't make great wine from mediocre grapes. When you visit a winery, have a look at the grapevines, because the condition of the vineyard speaks volumes about the quality of the wines. The Frog's Leap philosophy on farming is simple: let the plant work in harmony with its natural environment. This means farming sustainably and naturally. To John, organic and biodynamic practices aren't for some kind of marketing or a political agenda, it's a result of his genuine respect for the Napa Valley terroir. To this end, the wines are a reflection of where they are grown. You'll find that every sip of this Sauvignon Blanc tells a story about the soil and the purity of the grape. Minerality abounds! You'll get a refreshingly clean palate of stone fruit and tree fruit. The flavours and structure are balanced with low alcohol and high acidity for a mouthwatering experience. That's the beauty of letting the grape shine without a bunch of manipulation in the vineyard or in the winery. "We don't make great wine, we grow it." Be careful not to serve this wine too cold or some of the more delicate flavours will be lost. We recommend a serving temperature of about 8-10 C. WineCollective Tip: Avoid serving straight from the fridge; wait 15-20 min after taking it out. Drink young, by 2021.

How it looks

Pale lemon with a sparkle of green and a water white rim.

How it smells

The aroma says a lot about the region it's grown in. This is not a grapefruit-green pepper New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc style, you can expect a fruitier nose with elements of minerality and citrys. The nose is a bouquet of beautiful stone fruit, wet rocks, melon, lime zest, green apples and fresh cut grass.

How it tastes

On the palate you'll find the intense fruit that you found on the nose. Lovely ripe apricot and peach, sweet green apple, Meyer lemon, honeydew melon and supporting notes of minerality and saline. The body is a little fuller than you might expect from Sauvignon Blanc, with a bit more weight on the palate. The acidity is high, but also soft so it'll make your mouth water without being too sharp. It's as complex as it is crushable so you'll really enjoy sipping this one on a warm day in the sun or with a variety of fresh foods.

Recommended food pairing

The classic pairing with Sauvignon Blanc is goat cheese. Try with a fresh salad of spinach, savoury herbs, cherry tomatoes, slivered almonds, ripe peaches, topped with goat cheese and honey-lime vinaigrette.

2017Frog's Leap

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