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Las Niñas Inocencia


Colchagua Valley, Chile

Alc. 13.5 %

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Viña Las Niñas is settled in the Apalta region of the Colchagua Valley, in Chile. The Mediterranean climate provides warm days with cool nights, allowing the grapes to rest in the evening. This means an extended growing season with grapes that develop ripeness and acidity proportionately, resulting in superbly balanced wines that are highly sought after.

In 1996, three families came together to establish a winery in the Apalta region; Bernard Dauré, Jean Pierre Cayard and Claude Florensa. The girls from these three families fell in love with the land and set out to plant 160 hectares of vines over three years. Thus, the winery name Viña Las Niñas translates to Vineyard Girls; the label acting as a tribute and testament to their hard work and dedication. The winery would be nothing but a dream without them, so raise a glass to Las Niñas and enjoy the fruits of their labour!


Deep plum centre that gradually lightens to a shining medium-ruby along the edges.


The colour is consistent with the nose, with notes of dried plums, blackberries and raisins emanating from the glass. There are subtle hints of violet and earth that when combined together, reminds us of a lush vineyard with ripe dark grapes and damp soil.


There are many layers to this wine, starting with bright fruit notes of black cherry, blackberries and dried plum. A slight minerality and tartness adds depth with subtle hints of pepper. Dry with a medium acidity, the smooth and soft tannins lend themselves beautifully to the medium - full body. With an exceptionally long finish that has you craving for more, this bottle won't last long!


This wine would work wonderfully with a roasted chicken or turkey, even pork chops. Paired with braised greens or eggplant, and don't be shy with the seasoning! We like a mole-flavoured rub that adds some chili spice with warming notes and depth of flavour.

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