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Portal del Montsant Santes

Tempranillo, Grenache, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon


14 Alcohol


The Catalonia region in Spain produces a wide variety of distinct and unique wines. Portal del Montsant is situated in between Ballmunt, El Lloar, and El Molar in Priorat, which is most commonly known for producing Garnache and Cariñena, while other varieties are increasingly capitalizing on this distinctive area. Portal del Montsant owns several small parcels of land which produce special wines defined by their terroir. Each parcel varies greatly in soil type (clay-rich, chalk and sand), the dramatic elevation changes of mountains in which they flourish upon, and the varied micro-climates of the region. Portal del Montsant opened its doors in Priorat during 2003. A location that had long been producing wine since the early 1900s. This younger, old-world winery showcases fruit from vines that average 60-years, that are densely planted on the long established Catalonian winemaking traditions. The resulting wines are fragrant, subtle and unique as they unfold to your senses. Enjoy this year after a quick decant (30 mins), and chill to proper room temperature at 18 C. This wine will also be good to go in your cool basement, waiting for the perfect evening to enjoy with company - no rush, enjoy by 2022.

How it looks

A delightfully deep raspberry core that is accented by purple hues and a bright cherry red rim.

How it smells

An underlying jammy quality gives a rich and lovely Spanish nose! Initially, sweet stewed and fresh red berry fruits unfold from the glass. Scents of cherries with a touch of tartness and smokiness linger. Upon opening up, notes of spice, pepper and herbs continue to offer up a tantalizing invitation of aromas.

How it tastes

This medium body wine fills your mouth with fine, soft tannins that stretch to caress the back of your throat and touch your entire palate. The divine taste of stewed, jammy and slightly tart berries of cranberry, raspberry and blackberry continue from the nose onto the palate. A carefully crafted Tempranillo that has medium acidity and tannins, as not to overpower the subtle delights this wine offers. The finish is quick to dissipate, but leaves you eager to continue sipping.

Recommended food pairing

Capturing some of the spicy, herb notes of this blend, we long for a hearty bowl of beef stew with a fresh baked baguette for sopping up the flavour. Little too heavy for you? Try a mushroom flatbread with some Manchengo cheese with fresh arugula.

2017Portal del Montsant Santes

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