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Susana Balbo Crios



Susana Balbo Crios

Malbec, Syrah, Petit Verdot

Uco Valley, Argentina

Alc. 14 %




Created by Susana Balbo, an icon in Argentinian winemaking, the Crios line is made for the fun, adventurous wine drinker. It's modern, affordable and reliable. When you're hedging your bets on what to pick up for a casual gathering with friends or your Tuesday pizza night, this is the quality, crowd-pleasing wine you'll reach for.

The red blend is all about harmony. Lead by Malbec and Syrah with back up vocals by Petite Verdot, this trio blends together beautifully for a balanced, complex, delicious wine. We know that points don't always matter when it comes to personal preference, but it's worth noting that this is a high scoring wine. Robert Parker and James Suckling have both rated this vintage at over 90 points, because it shows you the potential of quality wine from Argentina. What we love even more than the points is that this wine proves you don't always have to pay premium prices for premium quality wine. This is the new wave of edgy Argentinian wines with the contemporary drinker in mind, while still appealing to the more "serious" wine enthusiast. Serve this wine at room temperature, about 18 C and no need to decant as it's ripe and ready to go for you. Drink now.


The aromas are intense, jumping straight out of the glass on the first whiff. You'll get Icing sugar on the nose, along with candied strawberries, over-ripe raspberries and a hint of vanilla bean. Keep going back to your glass to smell something different every time, maybe some violets and raspberry tea leaves on the second or third time around.


Susana Balbo made this wine to be particularly fruit forward and she succeeded! Bramble berry, ripe raspberries, cranberry reduction and candied strawberries are all over the palate. Think: baked strawberry pie, with hints of vanilla bean gelato, with a drizzle of tart raspberry sauce and warm chocolate. The acidity and alcohol are both medium, which balance perfectly with the intense fruit flavours. This is a wine that will keep you coming back for more and at this price, you won't mind that at all!


The wine is food-friendly, but is perfect as a stand alone, to be sipped and enjoyed with good friends over a light-hearted chat and a few laughs.

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