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Terre di San Venanzio Fortunato


Veneto, Italy

11.5 Alcohol


This Prosecco is a DOCG from the Valdobbiadene region of Veneto, north of Treviso and south of Belluno in north-east Italy. You know it is from the prestigeous Valdobbiadene region by the stylized V on the bottle which guarantees the origin of the product. Prosecco only received Italian DOCG status in 2009, being upgraded from a DOC which means that the wine is now “guaranteed” to be made with Prosecco grapes from the area. Additionally, Prosecco is currently undergoing a European trademark application similar to that of Champagne, so only product from that specific area will be allowed to be referred to as Prosecco. These changes are bring driven by Prosecco’s climbing popularity and the increasing number of low-quality knock-offs using the Prosecco name. This example is “extra dry” which means that it has between 12 and 17 grams of residual sugar per litre and which is a traditional amount for Prosecco. Serve this sparkling wine at 6 - 8 degrees meaning it should be in the fridge for at least 2 hours before consumption, but avoid storing it there for long periods.

How it looks

The bubbles are fine, which is a hallmark of a well-crafted sparkling wine. It is clear and light straw in colour.

How it smells

There is plenty of sweet ripe fruit here, with melons, apricot and pear dominating. There is a bit of yeast on the nose as well which is typical in a traditional Prosecco, with white flowers also being in evidence. The complexity of the flowers and yeast make it smell more interesting than a regular fruit bomb sparkling wine.

How it tastes

This is how a traditional Prosecco should taste, an almost text-book example. White cranberries and golden delicious apple notes are new from the nose, but the other fruits from the nose make an appearance as well. It is soft, delicate and lively on the palate. The bubbles are finely textured and refreshing.

Recommended food pairing

Traditionally Prosecco is an apertif, so it would pair with cheese or cured meats. Also fantastic for a celebration!

Terre di San Venanzio Fortunato

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