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Giusti Sant'Eustachio



Giusti Sant'Eustachio

Incrocio Manzoni Bianco, Sauvignon Nepis, Chardonnay

Veneto, Italy

Alc. 13 %

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Amongst the rolling hills of the Veneto region, under the watchful eye of the sixteenth century Abbey of Sant'Eustachio, is the beautiful Abazia Estate of Giusti Wine. Just one of their many vineyards, Giusti grows and produces an excellent array of white, red and sparkling wines throughout their vast properties. After purchasing land from his wife's family, Ermenegildo Giusti set into motion the passion of his father who was an ardent wine lover and producer. Since this purchase in 2004, the Giusti Wine legacy has grown to encompass much of the Nervesa della Battaglia area in eastern Veneto.

In Giusti Wine's Sant'Eustachio white blend, we have an interesting mix of two lesser known grapes with a very well known third. Blending Incrocio Manzoni Bianco (a Riesling-Pinot Blanc cross) and Sauvignon Nepis with Chardonnay from their Maria Vittoria vineyard, Giusti has produced an exceptional wine. After fermenting at controlled temperatures with select yeast, the wine is aged on lees (or ‘sur lie’) with periodic stirring. Leaving the wine with the lees (yeast particles and other bits left behind after fermentation) adds depth and complexity to the wine. This process can also bring out a nutty quality to the wine. The 2018 Giusti Sant'Eustachio is ready to enjoy now and is best served chilled to 8-9 C.


Controlled and subtle at first, the nose opens up with strong notes of stone fruit, like nectarines and light-skinned plum. Very fresh and light, subtle floral hints of chamomile come through after the fruit subsides. The nose is very refreshing and rounded out by the sweetness of honey and herbaceous verbena.


What a delight this wine is! With a bite of just underripe green melon offering a bit of acidity, this white blend is a refreshing quaff. Perfect for summer nights (and afternoons), we enjoy the transition from fruits like lime and white peach, to the buttery structure thanks to the inclusion of Chardonnay. Though fruit-forward, the fruit notes are not overwhelming and still allow room for the biting acidity we look for in a refreshing white. The light tingle at the back of your tongue will leave you ready to sip again and before you know it, the bottle will be empty!


We think this is the perfect time to fire up the grill! Well-seasoned chicken and roasted vegetables on the BBQ will work really well with the acidity and sweetness in your glass. Feel free to bump up the spice a little, since this wine can handle the extra bite from something spicy like curry or extra garlic.

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