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Castello di Albola Oso



Castello di Albola Oso

Sangiovese, Merlot, Syrah

Tuscany, Italy

Alc. 13 %

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Castello di Albola's "Oso" translates from Italian to "I dare". Described by the winery as "seductive, fresh and vibrant", this wine should be considered for evenings of debauchery and impromptu games of 'truth or dare'. However, there is no risk in enjoying this wine, we are fairly certain it will be enjoyed by all!

This wine is labeled as 'Toscana", meaning it comes from the Tuscany wine region. Specifically, this wine was made within the boundaries of Chianti, which is in Tuscany. Here, as in most of Tuscany, Sangiovese reigns supreme. This grape varietal provides the racy character to wine with zingy acidity, herbal characteristics and tart red berry freshness. Because this blend contains less than 70% Sangiovese (60% Sangiovese, 20% Merlot, 20% Syrah) it doesn't fall within the guidelines to be called "Chianti".

Located near Siena, this smaller geographical area of 'Radda' is where you will find the makings of "Oso". Siena marks the southern end of Chianti, with Florence bordering the northern reach of the region. Chianti is a region that experiences wide vintage variation, as the seasons are unpredictable and rain and frosts can impact grape ripening depending on the exact location of the vines within the undulating hills. The acidity and tannins in this wine are still ripe and strong, so although perfect to enjoy today, there is time left to cellar and enjoy later on. Enjoy by 2021 and serve at a moderate 18 C.


Deep at its core with a ruby hue, that fades to garnet near the edges.


Savoury, sweet and sour all rolled into one good inhale! The riper aroma of blackberries is muted by tart plum, underripe raspberry and wild cherry. Intoxicating herbal aromas from rosemary and tomato leaf give an earthy play that keeps us coming back for more. Pops of peppercorn add the perfect amount of spice!


We always look for consistency from nose to palate, it gives an extra level of balance and pleasure enjoying a seamless transition from sniff to sip! Here, in addition to the rosemary, thyme, tomato, sour plum and raspberry, there is a crunchy cran-apple that adds extra brightness. It is fresh, but also has some grip with the tannins and a gushing acidity. The structure with a solid backbone from the Syrah is off-set by a plushness supplied by the Merlot. And we have the 'Sangio' to thank for all the crunchy berries and fresh fruit flavours.


Typically Italian doesn't have to mean typical Italian fare (although, it is always a pretty safe bet). Go south-west with BBQ ribs! There is enough acidity here to handle a tomato based sauce, and the tannins will help cut through the excess fat.

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