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Undurraga Aliwen

Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah

Colchagua Valley

12.5 Alcohol


Undurraga planted its first vines in 1879, after cuttings were imported from Germany and France. Don Francisco Undurraga established Viña Undurraga in 1885. And in 1903 was the first Chilean winery to begin exporting wines to the United States, when they delivered one case of Pinot Noir to each of the 45 states. Today, 10 brands exist under the Undurraga name including the Aliwen lineup. Undurraga was named by Wine & Spirits Magazine one the "Top 100 Wineries in 2017", not a small feat and quite an impressive accomplishment! And although the Aliwen is not the premiere or reserve tier of wine produced by Undurraga, they put their name on everything that they make, ensuring quality at every level. Even the 'everyday' wines are made with extreme attention and adherence to quality standards, guaranteeing you the best of Chilean wine! This rosé was made with bold grape varietals, but within stainless steel and cool fermentation, it retains a brightness and crips personality. Winemaker Carlos Concha, who has been at Undurraga since 2006, has an affinity for sparkling wines and produces some of the best from South America, this passion for bubbles translates to wines under his guidance having great acidity and balanced freshness. Enjoy this year and serve at 10 C.

How it looks

A richer hue of pink, trending towards salmon colouring and a slight orange tinge too.

How it smells

Strawberry and cream aromas are sweet and fruity, like a fruity gelato or trifle. The addition of orange zest and and candied orange peel give a touch of a spritz to the nose, creating lively bursts of freshness. And all throughout there is an array of raspberry notes, freshly picked and including the green leafy aromas and stems. A unique rosé for those looking something a bit different!

How it tastes

The play between freshly picked berries and citrus give us the best of both worlds, a deeper flavoured rosé but also fresh and bright! The impeccable balance between ripe and juicy is partnered with a moderate acidity and a body presence that is just more than expected. The extra weight on the palate also lends to the bolder personality of the wine. An accent of minerality gives a slickness to the mouthfeel too, providing a smooth and subtle texture to transport all the raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, and lemon/orange zest.

Recommended food pairing

A rosé that shouldn't just be reserved for the summer, it can carry through from al fresco dining to turkey time this fall! We especially like the blackberry layers found on the nose and palate, which we think would go perfectly with savoury duck filled crepes with a berry compote drizzled on top!

2018Undurraga Aliwen

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