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Cavit Maso Cervara



13.5 Alcohol


You may not be familiar with the grape Teroldego, but don't let that stop you from trying out a glass (or bottle). You won't find vast hillsides covered in the Teroldego vineyards, and in fact it's in less than 400 Italian winery's repertoires. Most commonly grown in the northeastern wine region of Trentino-Alto Adige in Italy, Teroldego is a dark-skinned grape with a mysterious past. It's hard to pinpoint the exact backstory on the varietal, but is likely to have been a high status grape from the 18th and 19th centuries. We may never be able to fully know its storied history, however we do know a few things for sure. For one, Teroldego wines tend to offer strong tannins and bright, snappy acidity. They are also often rich and vibrant in colour — due to their dark hued skins, they give the wines their deep colouring. These characteristics are a useful addition for red blends in Tuscany and Sicily, deepening the colour. Interestingly — thanks to genetic testing — we now know that Teroldego is a relative of the similarly deeply-hued Syrah. The Cavit Maso Cervara Teroldego Rotaliano is best served between 16 - 18 C and can be enjoyed now after a couple hours decanted, or by 2025.

How it looks

Regal colouring that almost looks velvety, deep red plum that is almost completely opaque.

How it smells

Not a wine that you should rush! Take your time... and we mean, all night! At first the nose is spicy and full of black fruit. With ample time in your glass, we find cedar and wooden chest, plum and blackberries. It is rich and spiced, with menthol and bay leaf, this is complex with lots going on! If you are short on time, decant well before dinner!

How it tastes

Plum skin, ripe blackberry and plump black cherries form the backbone of the flavours, but the fruit profile is followed closely by strong secondary notes that are derived from the fermentation and ageing process. There are neutral oak flavours and hints of spice throughout. Full-bodied with tons of texture, the wine is heavy on the tongue, but balanced by nice acidity. The tannic structure is still a bit rugged, even after 4 years. Although divine today, we think this wine has some staying power and could hang out in your cellar for a few more years.

Recommended food pairing

The strong tannins call for a protein filled dish that has some fat and bold flavours. If you go too lean, the wine will overpower your meal. A well seasoned ribeye is a match made in heaven. Go rustic and herbal with the sides and compliment with a rich balsamic reduction.

2015Cavit Maso Cervara

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