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Château de la Guerche



Château de la Guerche

Chenin Blanc

Anjou, France

Alc. 13 %

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A special treat for WineCollective members, this wine is not widely available and only a spattering is found at top boutiques and wine lists. We selected this wine because it is a perfect showcase of what the region and varietal can offer - a benchmark of Loire Chenin Blanc! You may be most familiar with Chenin Blanc coming from South Africa, however it is a dominant varietal in the Loire Valley, and in Anjou it is the primary white produced.

Anjou, located around the town of Angers, in the western section of the Loire Valley, where Chenin Blanc (55% of total production) and Cabernet Franc (33% of total production) reign supreme. Anjou is renowned for its Rosé d'Anjou and Cabernet d'Anjou, as well as sweet wines made from Chenin Blanc, which are highly regarded.

Chenin Blanc is produced in several styles, and performs really well as both a dry, sweet or sparkling wine. Here, the youthful and fresh version highlights its ability to be lean, mineral and tart, with distinguishing flavours of ginger and chamomile. Best enjoyed today or by the end of 2020, serve chilled to 8-10 and don't let it get too warm in your glass.


Sunshine-golden yellow. Glistening and clean, clear with a watery rim nearest the edge.


Fragrant aromas that can be detected from across the table! Fresh, bold and zesty with an elegant profile that grows with complexity in the glass. At first, green pear and pineapple with notes of apple and a myriad of fresh orchard fruit. A few sips in and the nuttiness of blanched almonds and creamy custard are joined with dried herbs.


Slick and sexy on the palate, the wine slides across the tongue and offers a lot textural and flavour enjoyment. Showing a bit more racy than on the nose, the fruits are zingy and fresh and explode with juicy and tingly acidity. There are notes of almond, waxy minerality, and orange blossom too. The finish is lengthy and carries on the dominant flavours of orchard fruits, clementine, citric lime, and green apples, with a dry and crisp end.


We can't think of a better match with your sushi night in! The bright and zesty wine pairs impeccably well with salty spring rolls, crispy tempura, and buttery sashimi. Also anything with a healthy dose of avocado, from tuna tartare to a healthy grain bowl.

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