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San Gregorio Las 75 Vendimias de Emilio González




San Gregorio Las 75 Vendimias de Emilio González

Garnacha, Tempranillo

Calatayud, Spain

Alc. 15 %

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Emilio González was born in the village of Cervera de la Cañada, Spain. He began working in the vineyards when he was 12 years old and hasn't stopped since. Today, Emilio is the last founding member of the group that founded the Cooperativa San Gregorio. At 86 years old he is still an active member of the vineyard and regularly performs maintenance for optimal conservation of the vine.

San Gregorio is located within the Aragon wine region of Spain. A diverse landscape where mountains stand tall in the North, fade into rolling green hills and flatten into plains in the South. One of the 9 sub-regions in Aragon is Calatayud; named after the tallest bell tower in the region that dates back to the 15th century. Ancient architecture can be found throughout as remnants of Christian, Moorish and Roman occupation. The former having introduced viticulture to the area.

The climate can vary dramatically with hostile summer temperatures transitioning into equally severe winters where the looming threat of frost is present over 6 months of the year. Despite the difficult conditions, Calatayud is known for big and bold wines primarily comprised of Garnacha and Tempranillo. Serve at 13 – 16 C. Cellar for 5 – 10 years.


Boasting a deep purple core that is opaque all through to the light violet edges.


There is an intensity on the nose with primary aromas of black fruits like black cherry and plum. Notes of violet and blackberry blossom remind us of the smell of spring on the West Coast. There is a meaty quality also present reminiscent of ibérico ham on a charcuterie board.


A big wine with plenty to say; the black fruit really shines through on the palate. There is an umami quality that brings to mind mushrooms and meat. The two elements together show a balance between Classic and Modern Spanish wines. The savoury umami characteristics being typical of Classic Spain whereas the bold fruitiness adds a more contemporary element. The big tannic structure combined with medium acidity and weight on the palate make this a wonderfully balanced addition to any cellar.


This big wine will stand up to any of your heaviest dishes. Save it for a rib-eye steak or other fatty meat-centric meal and you won’t be disappointed!

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