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Domaine Sainte Catherine




Domaine Sainte Catherine

Syrah, Grenache, Carignan

Côtes du Roussillon Villages, France

Alc. 14.5 %

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Roussillon is a wine region that has a multitude of micro-climates due to its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea and mountain ranges. Strong influences from cooling breezes to temperature swings from altitude differences, allow for varied styles of wine to be produced here. The region is surrounded by three ranges, to the north the Corbières, to the west the Pyrenees, and the Albères to the south. As well there are three dominant rivers that flow through the region east/west ,the Agly is furthest north, the Têt is situated centrally in the region, and the Tech furthest south, all of which provide distinction from the soil type to the sun exposer on the valley slopes.

Roussillon produces dry still wines (red, white and rosé) and Vins Doux Naturels (fortied sweet wines) from twenty-four different grape varietals. Roussillon only accounts for 2% of France's total production volume, just a drop in the barrel! Côtes du Roussillon Villages is the appellation name for the high-quality, dry red wines produced in the northern third of the larger Roussillon region. Tautavel is one of four different villages within this title, and where the Domaine Sainte Catherine is from.

An exclusive wine, only found in Canada from WineCollective for our members! Enjoy at 16-18 C and serve this year, or by 2022. Decanting is not necessary, but wouldn't hurt either.


Bright cherry colour that that is a medium opacity at the core, and lighter edges, with thick, sticky legs.


A backbone of red and black berries provide the platform for savoury herbs, cracked peppercorns, an earthy notes. With some solid glass time and thorough swirling, the brambly fruit opens to brighter and tarter cranberry, pomegranate, and currants. There is a touch of vanilla too, hiding in the background.


A medley of red and black fruit that show a bit under-ripe, like black currant and cherry, the flavour of the fruit when you just pick them off the bush early in the season. There is a bit of green pepper and herbaciousness in the background, with hints of tobacco leaf, oak and smoky flavours. The tannins are fine and sandy, with a moderate acidity level. The finish isn't too complex, but the sleek and lean body lingers for a long time.


Charcuterie and cheese night, classic spaghetti bolognese, or step it up with something a bit different like roasted rabbit or quail in a red wine sauce. We also love casserole night, they are one pot meals and you can prepare them in advance! How about a lamb bake with a phyllo pastry crust.

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