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Umbria, Italy

Alc. 13.5 %

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Rumoured to be named after the Greek word for rainy (ombrikoi), Umbria is Italy's fourth smallest wine region and the only one that does not have a coast or an international boarder. Often overshadowed by its neighbour, Tuscany, it shares a similar climate of wet winters and sunshine filled summers while producing only a third of the amount of wine. While Tuscany may get all the attention, wines from Umbria are on the rise and beginning to gain international acclaim.

Located in the Perugia hills, Chiorri has been hand harvesting grapes since 1890. Spanning over 5 generations, they strive to maintain the values and traditions of their predecessors while integrating modern practices to produce exceptional wines. Sangiovese, the most planted grape in Umbria, will take on the characteristics of the region it is planted in. It presents itself in two primary ways: fruit-forward or rustic and traditional. Chiorri's version being the latter. Serve at 16 - 18 C. Drink now.


Slightly transparent with a bright ruby colour that transitions from medium to pale towards the edges.


Ripe and juicy purple and black fruits like blueberries, blackberries and cherries dance out of the glass to greet us. Violet and rose-scented floral notes mingle with the fruit inviting us in.


One sip and we are thrilled with the soft and round tannins that are complemented by the violet and rose floral notes. Pleasantly structured with a medium body, mouth-watering acidity and a finish that keeps on giving. We also find notes of peppery spice and a slight earthiness. Certainly a warmer version of Sangiovese; the black and purple fruits present themselves in a ripe, fleshy and juicy style that we could easily imagine sharing with family or friends in the Italian countryside.


Pasta with a meat sauce would be a successful Italian pairing. Will also shine best next to sausage dishes or your favourite hard cheese.

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