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Alceño Cibolo

Syrah, Monastrell

Jumilla, Spain

Alc. 14 %

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The Jumilla wine region is one of Spain's oldest. Deeply entrenched in wine history, it has become a haven for fantastic wine and has attracted many new producers over the last decade. Currently, more than 27,400 hectares of vineyard are registered to vineyards. The rocky, lime-rich soil, the arid conditions and extreme temperature range all contribute to maximizing the colour and flavour from the grapes that grow here. Against the adverse and stressful conditions, the grapes of Jumilla produce bold and strong red wines.

Here in Jumilla, we find the home of the Bodegas Alceña family winery, where big and luscious wines are exactly what they have been doing for nearly 150 years. Cibolo lives up to all of it, this delicious wine could definitely be considered a tribute to the region. Starting with Syrah that is full of black fruits, spices and ample tannins - everything you expect from this bold grape, and then blended with a small amount of Monastrell to add blueberry, minerality and juiciness. Together, this traditional blend create a vibrant, full-bodied beauty of a wine. Not necessary, but we suggest decanting this wine for 30 minutes before enjoying, and chill slightly and pour at 18 C. Great today, or save for a special occasion or save until 2022.


A sharp, glistening ruby-red with lush purple hues alluding to the magnificent flavours within.


There is so much going on in this wine! First we are greeted by almost ripe black and red fruits alongside leather and earthiness. Then as it opens up in your glass, the luscious fruitiness becomes stewed while it mingles with caramel, chocolate, baking spices and a divine subtle smokiness.


This wine storms onto your pallet with the freshness of blackberries, raspberries, sour cherries, pomegranate, currants, raspberries and cranberries. Cascading through your mouth is a crushed sweet and tart fruit medley that is balanced perfectly with round tannins and ample acidity. A superbly balanced wine that anyone can enjoy, providing a beautiful wallop of captivating flavours while soft enough to allow you to appreciate every nuance.


It's so versatile but we're thinking a huge spread of savoury tapas dishes; get started with grilled chorizo and Spanish patatas bravas!

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