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Black Market Omertà


Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada

Alc. 14.4 %

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If you're looking for traditional winemaking, Black Market Wine Company is not going to give you exactly what you're on the hunt for. But don't let that stop you from diving into their outstanding lineup of wines. Bucking the trends of using time-tested, "old-school" winemaking in favour of creating their own path, Black Market is an innovative winemaking crew in the Okanagan Valley who are eager to make a noticeable dent in the wine scene. Black Market is making their name known throughout the Okanagan, working with local growers who are just as passionate about growing grapes sustainably and responsibly — all while ensuring quality is at its best. Creating unique, limited release, premium wines — Black Market is for discerning wine lovers who aren't afraid of some new-age wine making.

Made from their estate-grown Merlot vines, Black Market's Omertà Rosé is a refreshing quaff that you won't want to put down. As they mention in their wine description, the Omertà is "hand picked and hand sorted... made in separate batches harvested 2 weeks apart". The result is a very limited 110 cases produced and a Rosé we know you'll love. The Omertà Rosé is ready to drink now and serves best at 10 C.


An intriguing hue that is caught somewhere between copper, amber and wild salmon, glistening, clean and clear.


Wild cherry, white plum and cran-apple give a boisterous base to the nose. The secondary aromas are musky, rustic and a bit masculine. This takes rosé in a different direction, with grilled herbs, and a bit of green pepper. There is a warming spice that shows stronger as the wine sits in the glass.


Crisp and crunchy, we are greeted by a plethora of stone fruits, from ripened apples and pears, as well as wild berries. This wine is like walking through an orchard on a late summer day! The fruits are balanced with generous acidity that brings behind it, a layer of herbs and rhubarb. We get pops of grapefruit and white pepper, keeping the experience lively and bright.


A versatile wine, suited for many occasions and tables. The winery summarizes the pairing options well, "Fresh market salads, grilled fish and aged cheese comes to mind. Want to see the versatility of this rosé? Try it with a sous vide duck breast, finished in a hot skillet and served with a pink peppercorn sauce."

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