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Mazzei Philip

Cabernet Sauvignon


14 Alcohol


As the years passed and that cabernet never saw the light of day, some wondered if the underground hadn’t been duped, or that perhaps, that the project had simply been abandoned. Then 6 six years ago, we learned that Francesco Mazzei had engaged Carlo Ferrini challenging the Winemaker of the Year, to assemble a mystery Cabernet and that Ferrini was purportedly stunned by the “quality of the material” Now 16 years later is still remains the most talked about Super Tuscan in all of Italian underground! The Mazzei family's history is entrenched in the winemaking of Tuscany's past and present. Dating back as far as the 13th century, Lap Mazzei is referred to as the father of Chianti wine. We can not recall another family who has remained as the owner and operator of such a premium estate as the Mazzei's. Twenty four generations have tended to the Fonterutoli estate in Chianti since 1435. Crossing borders, the Mazzei touch extends past the region of Tuscany. in 1774 Filippo Mazzei planted a vineyard for Thomas Jefferson, in Virginia. Filippo's connection to Jefferson has a place in American history, he influenced the "All men are created equal" doctrine that was included in the Declaration of Independence, and was commemorated on a US stamp, "Patriot Remembered". Best enjoyed between 2022-2026, please decant and chill to 18 C prior to serving.

How it looks

Deep hue of purple with ruby edges.

How it smells

Layered and complex, but not all at once. This wine offers something new at each sniff, ensuring that you will keep coming back for more. There is the intoxicating aromas of dark berries and black cherry, with interesting notes of balsamic intertwined with the savoury flavours of oak. The richness not only comes from the deep flavours of the berries, but the chocolate and vanilla.

How it tastes

This wine was created to honour Philip (Filippo), and is a blend of only the finest Cabernet Sauvignon from the Mazzei's properties in Chianti Classico and Maremma. Tasting notes of the 2015 vintage from the producer, "On the palate, this wine shows harmonious flavors of dark fruit, dried flowers, chocolate and vanilla. An exotic, full-bodied wine with complex character and polished tannins."

Recommended food pairing

The dry, tannic wines prefer to be matched with richer meals. Tomato-based pasta sauces are fantastic, try a pairing with a hearty lasagna. Or go traditional with a stew or braised wild boar.

2015Mazzei Philip

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