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Vistalago Mezcla Blanca



Vistalago Mezcla Blanca

Riesling, Chardonnay, Semillon

Maule, Chile

Alc. 13 %

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On a hillside, by a small lake in the Maule Valley near Colbun, Chile, Rafael Tirado and his family began building their winery. Many things set them apart from other growers around the world, however the most notable may be that Tirado chose to plant his vines in the shape of a labyrinth. The unique planting design ended up inspiring their first wine label, Labertino, and its success has launched the Tirado name into Chilean wine glory. Consistently producing wine that is based on minimalist practices, allows the grapes to really shine and be the star of the show in Tirado wines. Their growing repertoire has expanded since the first planting in 1993 and nothing but exceptional Chilean wine has come from the Tirado name ever since.

Tirado's Vistalago wines are exceptional red and white blends, often highly rated and reasonably priced for the top quality of wine you're getting. The Mezcla Blanca wine (meaning "white mixture") is a combination of Riesling, Chardonnay, and Semillon. Past vintages have used Torrontel as well. This blend is fermented solely in stainless steel which allows the exotic fragrances and tropical fruits to really shine. Vistalago wines are the perfect example of price not being a reliable indicator of quality, because the 2019 Mezcla Blanco is phenomenal. Feel free to hang onto this young bottle for awhile or open it now. Serve around 8-9 C.


The aromas are delicate at first and take some glass swirling to open up. The fruits are sun-baked and ripe; golden apple and pear - both freshly picked and stewed. Summer smells of meadow, sandalwood, and wild thistle add earth and musk to the bouquet. With the addition of light notes of baking spices and biscuit, the nose offers warmth and soothing aromas.


After the complex aromas are discovered with ample swirls and sniffs, we are greeted on the palate with juicy, gushing acidity. It is this freshness that keeps all the flavours elevated and fresh. The apple and pear profile is accented by more tropical notes of kiwi and underripe pineapple. This dry, light+ bodied wine has an extra level of texture — slightly oily and slick on the tongue. We love that even after we finish our sip, the back of our mouth and cheeks still pucker and salivate. The wine lingers on and on.


Pasta night in! This wine will match with a variety of sauces; try a creamy tomato or vodka. From penne to spaghetti - add in prawns, scallops, or keep it vegetarian with primavera.

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