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Domaine Roger Perrin Les Jardins de la Berthaude



Domaine Roger Perrin Les Jardins de la Berthaude

Merlot, Caladoc, Egiodola, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, Alicante Bouchet

Vaucluse, France

Alc. 13 %

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You are in for a real treat! This wine is very limited and hard to find. At most, total production is just 9,000 bottles — which is just 750 cases! The vines harvested for Les Jardins de la Berthaude average 30 years in age, which is old for new world wineries, however in France we could classify them as in their prime. The blend is a diverse mix of six different varietals — some of which are common or more readily found, like Merlot, which serves as the base.

In lesser amounts there is also Caladoc (25-30%) and Egiodola (10-15%), which are rarer varietals that would be hard to find on the back of a label. Caladoc is a cross between Malbec and Grenache that was first produced in 1958. It is most commonly produced as a Rosè and blended, where it adds substantial colour, aroma, and flavour to a wine — like balsamic, berries and eucalyptus. Mostly found in France, Caladoc is also grown in Portugal and Argentina. Egiodola is also uncommon and plantings are mostly restricted to South West France. The name of the grape translates to "pure blood" in Basque, referencing the depth of colour of its wine. It is rustic and tannic, with notes of plum and blackberry — a great addition to a blended wine.

Drinking great today, we suggest opening this year with someone special — this wine is meant for best friends and good memories! Serve at 18 C.


Medium ruby — glistening just like the gemstone. It is clear and consistent, with transparency at its core.


Dark chocolate, brandied cherries, raspberry leaf, dark and ripe strawberries, and a hint of suede. Undertones of spice give an extra pep to the aroma. The Merlot is noticeably dominant, as we get stronger notes of plum, violet, and clay as the wine opens.


Ripe raspberry and cherry provide a fruit forward start, and are supported by an elegant, medium body that is balanced with sandy tannins and medium acidity. There are deeper notes of darker fruits and a bit of bitterness — like tea leaves and plum skin. There is extra layers of crunchy tartness that keeps the wine fresh and youthful. We are really impressed by how much personality is packed into such a refined wine. It has a lot of sass!


We like a rustic food pairing that satisfies those autumn feels; savoury mushroom tart or beef bourguignon comes to mind (Julia Child's of course).

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