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False Bay Crystalline


Coastal Region

13 Alcohol


With False Bay Wines' namesake being the most iconic bay in South Africa, one would expect outstanding wine. Luckily False Bay and its team has set out to create wine worthy of their name — without an outrageous price tag. As the sister brand to prominent South African winery Waterkloof, False Bay offers wine for discerning taste at a much more palatable price point. There is absolutely no discount in quality though. Growing their grapes from vineyards were previously under-appreciated, but balanced vines, False Bay routinely produces exceptional bottles of some of the world's favourite varietals. With three distinct lines available to choose from, including: False Bay, Revenant, and Peacock Wild Ferment, there is definitely a wine for you from this established South African winery. The Crystalline Chardonnay starts on vines grown in two different vineyards: the more coastal Stellenbosch, and inland Wellington — not too far from False Bay itself. This Chardonnay is made especially for those who scoff at the thought of enjoying a glass of Chard, which is just one of the reasons we enjoy it. We have no doubt that once you open a bottle, you too will be singing the praises of this South African beauty. Ready to be enjoyed any time before 2021, at a chilled 9 C.

How it looks

Radiant sunshine yellow, crystal clear and glimmering in the glass.

How it smells

Aromatics are fresh and fruity, accompanied by a little hit of spice - like candied ginger. Notes of lemon are dominant and incorporate everything from the zest of the peel, to the sweetness from a squirt of ripened Meyer lemon. Soft florals, and whiffs of tropical fruits like kiwi and guava give more intrigue.

How it tastes

Steely texture is slick and smooth across the tongue, and all the way through the finish. From the first sip to the lingering aftertaste, we have substantial acidity that offers a mouthwatering sensation and tingly gums. Citrus and tropical, just like the nose, the consistency in flavours offers up zingy lemon that further accents the crisp acidity, as well as pineapple, starfruit and key lime. The minerality is ever present too, almost like we can taste the salt water-splashed rocks of False Bay!

Recommended food pairing

This Chardonnay deserves a classic roast chicken dinner with creamy mashed potatoes and confit carrots. Looking to spice it up? Substitute for jerk chicken instead!

2018False Bay Crystalline

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