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Antonutti Traminer Aromatico

Traminer Aromatico


13.5 Alcohol


The Friuli Graves region of Italy may not be the most famous or the most visited. When you think of Italian wine, you likely aren't picturing the gravelly soil of this region that lays between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea. Like many who are overshadowed by a famous sibling, the Friuli Graves region produces some of the most exceptional wine, but doesn't receive all the attention it deserves. The gravel-rich soil helps to warm the grapes by absorbing the sun's heat, while the Alps protect the Northern region from harsh climate. It's a wonderful little nook in the Italian countryside that produces outstanding white wines. There are great reds from this region as well, but the whites are a great place to get started when exploring Friuli wine. Four generations of the Antonutti family have worked the vines of this region for over the last 100 years. Still run by the family to this day, Antonutti now has nine lines of wine to choose from, ranging from Prosecco to Ribolla Gialla. Our selection from Antonutti is their Traminer Aromatico, which is also more commonly known as Gewürztraminer, but can only go by that name in the Alto Adige region. Traminer Aromatico grapes have a pinkish hue to them, which is very apt since the grape has characteristic rosy aromatics. The Traminer grape thrives in limestone-rich soil which is one reason it can thrive on the Antonutti land. The Antonutti Traminer Aromatico can be enjoyed now until 2022 and is best served at 12 C.

How it looks

A buttery, sunshine yellow that is clear and clean with a glistening glow.

How it smells

Bouquet of bright and crisp orchard fruits, from pear, golden apple, peaches and nectarine. There are an abundance of floral notes too, that include rose petal and the sweetness of white blossoms in springtime. Lighter notes of 'green' - chive and grass, give an herbal and vegetal undertone, with pops of clove and pink peppercorn for spice. Traminer Aromatic is known for its powerful aromatics!

How it tastes

Tropical fruits blend well with apple and pear, giving an extra layer of freshness and complexity. We are noting guava, lychee, green pineapple, and maybe some mango too! Dry, and light bodied with a bit of mineral and salinity that add both interest in flavour and texture - making the wine appear plumper and with a slick mouthfeel.

Recommended food pairing

This is a fun wine that will add delight to the perfect dish. Chinese takeout, or chicken satay have bold spices that will match the wine. Or serve alongside canapé, like smoked salmon crostini.

2018Antonutti Traminer Aromatico

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