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Arloren Miriar Rubí


Jumilla, Spain

Alc. 14 %

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Bodegas Arloren produces a strong and vibrant Monastrell. The wine is aged in French oak barrels for 14 months, adding layers of spice — from pepper to clove. The hand harvested grapes are fermented at low temperatures, which can extend the process, but also helps to keep all the flavours and aromas fresh and strong. The winery notes the smoked and seasoned bouquet — and we can't wait for you to pull the cork to find out for yourself!

This wine is exclusive to WineCollective and we think it is incredibly unique and special. We love featuring Monastrell, as it is a friendly and fruity grape that gives a great, plush mouthfeel and bold flavours. This Reserva Monastrell goes beyond, delivering layers of complexity and exotic flavours that will have you hooked from your first sip! The region of Jumilla specializes in Monastrell, making up over 80% of the vines planted here — to say these growers are specialized is an understatement. The arid and continental climate is harsh, with extreme heat in the summer and cold in the winter. Luckily, Monastrell is hearty and well-adapted to this terroir and thrives on these expansive plains.

Already with some bottle age, this wine is drinking at its best today. We do suggest to decant prior to serving, at least 30-60 minutes. If not enjoying today, save until 2021. Serve between 16-18 C.


Dark ruby at the centre, but a brick red throughout that fades to a wild salmon colour along the outer edge.


Wild cherry, plum, sandalwood, and musk give a fruity, yet savoury and perfumed nose. There are also exotic spices of fennel seed and black liquorice, with spicy jalapeño pepper undertones. Cured meats and parmesan offer some funk with spicy and savoury qualities. With a few swirls, the berries round everything out and show up ripe and bold. This wine isn't for the faint of heart!


The palate doesn't disappoint and continues with the bold flavours found from the nose. The palate is relatively elegant and refined, serving lots of personality on a medium body. The tannins are feisty and offer a cottony texture, which is impressive for this vintage. Strong cedar is backed up by grilled herbs of rosemary and thyme. Black cherry, tomato leaf, and plum skin give a tannic fruit profile, with mild juiciness. And we can still detect the fennel and salami, which really get our tastebuds revved up.


Don't be shy — this wine has lots to offer and needs a formidable partner. Grill marks are your friend, from sirloin to portobellos. Also a divine wine for a cheese board, from sharp and aged to salty and spiced.

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