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*Casa Santos Lima*


Lisboa, Portugal

Alc. 14 %

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Casa Santos Lima is family-owned with vineyards present in five of Portugal's wine regions: Lisboa, Algarve, Alentejo, Vinho Verde, and Douro. Their main headquarters is located in Alenquer, about 45km North of Lisbon on an estate that has been in their family for four generations. Established at the turn of the 19th century by Joaquim Santos Lima, the company has grown over several generations, continuing to adapt to modern agricultural practices and expanding their product offerings. In this respect, there is something for everyone under the umbrella of Casa Santos Lima! Responsible for almost 40% of all certified wine produced in Lisboa, their wines have received critical acclaim on an international level.

Their Syrah comes from the region of Lisboa, previously named Estremadura until 2008 when it was renamed after the country's capital city: Lisbon. The region is situated on the Atlantic Coast where more than 30 grape varietals are planted. The most notable element of this landscape are the Serra de Montejunto hills which act as a shield, protecting most of the region from the cold ocean winds.


Deep garnet core showing slight hints of tawny at the edges. Intensely coloured and opaque throughout.


A few swirls and we are immediately greeted by sultry and expressive aromas of blackberries, blueberries, and bramble bursting from the glass reminding us of blueberry pie. Notes of cassis and anise intermingle with traces of cedar and cigar box from the time spent in oak. We also find just a hint of pepper.


A riper style of Syrah, you'll find baked black fruits are the star of this show and echo the aromas of bramble, blackberry, and blueberry found on the nose. One sip and we are coaxed in by smooth, silky, and refined tannins that coat our palate with a prominent note of cassis. Medium to full body with a lengthy, spicy finish. Undertones of white pepper and tobacco are rounded out by the oaked characteristics of cedar and leather. An excellent example of the varietal and Portugal's love of 'vinho de mesa'!


This calls for a red meat evening! Treat yourself to a lamb or steak meal mid-week. Will also complement a chorizo dish with a little bit of spice.

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