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*Teusner The Riebke*


Barossa Valley, Australia

Alc. 14.5 %

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When we see a Barossa Valley Shiraz we are instantly excited. This region is famous for its Shiraz, so it's time to be fearless and prepare for massive flavours! There is no knowing exactly what we'll get with the hugely varied growing conditions that exist in the region. This variance is because it's located within the Mount Lofty Ranges, northeast of Adelaide and deep within South Australia. Interestingly, it's one of a very small number of Australian wine regions that has successful warm-climate and cool-climate growing areas right beside one another. Total regional vine area now covers almost 14,000 hectares and also boasts being home to some of the oldest continuously producing vineyards in the world.

This is where we discovered this explosive Shiraz from Teusner Wines — an awesome little vineyard committed to the simple love of their craft and the old vines of the region. When they took ownership of the vineyard in 2001 they invested in saving still producing 85-year-old vines and we are so happy they did so we could share their 2016 vintage of The Riebke with you! You can enjoy it right away or tuck it down in the cellar for up to 3 years — yes you can cellar a screw cap! When the time comes, make sure to decant and let it breathe for at least a half an hour before enjoying at 18 C.


Hypnotically dark and enchanting deep plum that radiates with ruby and garnet reflections.


Brace yourself: this wine is not holding anything back and we had to take a seat because it swept us off our feet. Stewed dark fruits like dates, plums, blackberries, figs, black cherry, and gushing overripe cranberries are followed by undertones of sweet vanilla and cacao with a touch of cool green menthol.


The anticipation from the aromas had us diving into the glass to see what would unfold! It's a barrage of red and black fruits bursting onto our palates — dominated with blueberries, pomegranates, raspberries, and plums. As it sweeps over our taste buds, dark chocolate, smoky-sweet tobacco, black olive, and baking spice come to the forefront. A divine experience with a luxurious, plush mouthfeel and tiny, sandy tannins that intertwine beautifully with its ample acidity.


Light up the barbecue and bring out the burgers! We want a smashed sirloin patty, with applewood cheddar, pepper jack bacon, and sweet onion chutney or juicy lamb with manchego, roasted red bell peppers, and spicy chopped cilantro.

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